12 Ambient Field Sounds Pack 1 - Audio Premium


This week in Audio Premium we have 12 ambient samples from Audiotuts+ author West Latta. The pack comes to a huge 300 MB of uncompressed audio - some of the samples are over a minute long.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this sample pack, hit the jump!

This pack is useful to sound designers in film, games and television, and also musicians who want to add some ambiance to their tracks.

Here's an example of one of the samples:

Sample Pack Inventory

  • City Crowd Ambience: Crowd ambiance just before the Norwegian Independence Day Parade Begins - talking, yelling, cars
  • Close Waves Lapping 1 and 2: Anacortes Ferry Terminal - Small waves lapping on the shore with frogs in the background
  • Anacortes Ferry Frogs: Dusk near the ferry terminal, frogs peeping near the marshes
  • Lopez Island Birds 1 and 2: Summer morning, island birds chirping and calling
  • Mount Rainier Birds and Rain: An evening at Mount Rainier - birds chirping, distant river, and light rainfall
  • Mountain Chipmunk: A chipmunk chirping on a mountain hill
  • Nisqually River Near: A close up recording of the Nisqually River in early spring
  • Samba Band Practice: recording of a samba band practicing for an upcoming parade
  • Urban Thunderstorm: Recording of a thunderstorm from under cover of a parking garage - some cars driving by occasionally
  • Urban Zoo Birds: at the exotic bird exhibit - with plenty of domestic birds too!

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