14 Ethnic Loops From the East - Audio Premium


This week in Audio Premium we have a pack of 14 exotic loops from Audiotuts+ author West Latta. The pack features great percussion, and the sound of the East.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this tutorial, hit the jump!

Each loop is a WAV file eight bars long, with tails left on for nice fades when looping. Tempos range from 74-140 bpm, and are indicated in the file names.

Here's an example of one of the samples:

Sample Pack Inventory

  • Arabian Ride 136 bpm
  • Arabian Ride 2 98 bpm
  • Belladi 96 bpm
  • Dehli Delight 86 bpm
  • Desert Combat 116 bpm
  • Desert Night Looming 74 bpm
  • Far East 86 bpm
  • Far East 2 120 bpm
  • Ganges Flame 104 bpm
  • Kerala Nocturne 120 bpm
  • Midriff 92 bpm
  • Midriff 2 133 bpm
  • Midriff 3 140 bpm
  • Sahara Sunrise 86 bpm

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