25 Abstract Textures and Drones - Audio Premium


This Premium Pack download contains 25 Abstract Textures and Drones from Audiotuts+ author Toby Pitman. They are ideal for all sorts of applications including Motion Graphics, Flash websites, game development and TV/Film scores. They are made entirely from scratch using a range of audio processing techniques.

Detailed instructions of how to use the loops have been included.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this sample pack, hit the jump!

Here's an example of one of Toby's textures:

Sample Pack Inventory

  • Bad Date.wav
  • Bring a Snorkel.wav
  • Calm Sprites.wav
  • Cloud Factory.wav
  • Deliverence.wav
  • Distant Cactus.wav
  • Do Not Disturb.wav
  • Downer.wav
  • Ebow-la Virus.wav
  • Fact or Friction.wav
  • Farmonics.wav
  • Hells Boiler Room.wav
  • Huge Rubber Guitar.wav
  • Incoming Transmission.wav
  • Jump, Jive and Whale.wav
  • Klang for Koto.wav
  • Looking Glass.wav
  • Lost Souls.wav
  • Lurker.wav
  • OffWorldColony.wav
  • Platform 9 5 8ths.wav
  • Prawn Tanpura.wav
  • Shafted.wav
  • Simpleton.wav
  • Thors Underpants.wav

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