42 Glitch and FX Samples - Audio Premium


To make up for last month's lack of sample packs, we bring you a great pack of 42 glitch and FX samples from Audiotuts+ author Toby Pitman.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this sample pack, hit the jump!

All loops were programed from scratch in Logic and then destroyed using various processing for a hard edge sound. WAV, REX and MIDI versions are incuded. If you have ‘Stylus’, you can import the folder ‘Tuts+ Glitched REX’ by dropping it into the Spectrasonics Sage Expander.

Here's an example from Toby of what can be done using the pack:

Sample Pack Inventory

6 Loop Suites

Each suite includes a full mix, alt mix, kick, snare and hi hat samples.

Included suites:

  • Crunchy 96 bpm
  • You Glitchy MF 98 bpm
  • Da Man 116 bpm
  • Hard Nut 140 bpm
  • Nitro 160 bpm

12 FX Loops

12 different FX loops at different tempos, from 100-160 bpm. They were created in Metasynth and further processed in Logic.

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