Dark Space Ambient Sound FX — Audio Premium


Scott Wills' Dark Space Ambient Sound FX contains 50 WAV files in a pack of atmospheric and textured sound effects for ambient productions.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this 65 sample pack, hit the jump!

Here's an example of a few of the samples that come with this pack:

File Listing

  • air01.wav
  • air02.wav
  • air03.wav
  • air04.wav
  • air05.wav
  • alien01.wav
  • alien03.wav
  • beats01.wav
  • beats02.wav
  • beats03.wav
  • beats04.wav
  • calm01.wav
  • calm02.wav
  • dark01.wav
  • dark02.wav
  • deep01.wav
  • deepCave01.wav
  • deepCave02.wav
  • fx01.wav
  • fx02.wav
  • gate01.wav
  • gate02.wav
  • grunge01.wav
  • grunge02.wav
  • grunge03.wav
  • loop01.wav
  • loop02.wav
  • loop03.wav
  • rise01.wav
  • rise02.wav
  • rise03.wav
  • rise04.wav
  • rise05.wav
  • science01.wav
  • science02.wav
  • science03.wav
  • science04.wav
  • science05.wav
  • science06.wav
  • soft01.wav
  • soft02.wav
  • soft03.wav
  • space01.wav
  • space02.wav
  • space03.wav
  • space04.wav
  • space05.wav
  • space06.wav
  • texture01.wav
  • wave01.wav

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