Graimbient Loops and Textures Pack - Audio Premium


This week in Audio Premium we have a pack of 18 samples from Audiotuts+ author West Latta. The pack has great variety, and contains some weird but useful sounds.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this. To take a peek inside this tutorial, hit the jump!

The loops and textures in the pack are quite long, and have a wild and exotic international flavor - though others sound more like scifi. It's an interesting and varied collection of useful sounds in WAV format.

Here's an example of one of the samples:

Sample Pack Inventory

  • z_BitsForDinner.wav
  • z_BlindDogs_170BPM.wav
  • z_brain_hurts.wav
  • z_dont_go_in_there.wav
  • z_hoilands.wav
  • z_horton_hears_a_doctor.wav
  • z_InnerSanctum_104BPM
  • z_Marketplace.wav
  • z_MonkeyChant_98bpm.wav
  • z_not_so_much_voices.wav
  • z_OdeToSimon_150BMP.wav
  • z_shewantstoleave.wav
  • z_TablaGod_94bpm.wav
  • z_TablaTihai.wav
  • z_WhackAMole_133BPM.wav
  • z_ZeLoop_Long.wav
  • z_Zeloop2.wav
  • z_ZeloopLoop.wav

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