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Hot Music Packs from AudioJungle


We have so much outstanding talent coming out of Audiotuts+ and AudioJungle that's almost hard to fathom. Today we thought we should highlight some of that talent by looking at some of the hottest selling music bundles from AudioJungle. Let's have a listen!

Business Music Pack

This is a Collection of my best-selling motivational corporate music tracks.
Uplifting music that will bring your business the Success it deserves!

Epic Trailer Orchestra Pack

The Perfect epic kind of music pack. The pack contains a wonderful collection of amazing Heroic Adventures, Epic, Action and Mystery Music. Perfect for any project you can think of, from Movies, Animations, Games, Websites to DVDs and movie trailers or any other products you can think of any kind.

Corporate Technology Music Pack

A collection of 5 high technology corporate songs from my portfolio. These tracks are perfect for projects that require visuals or a feel of concentration, focus, computers, innovation, clean science, and the future.

Feel Good Bundle

This bundle contains 5 tracks with positive and optimistic mood / feel. Perfect deal for your corporate video projects.

Solidbeats - Ambient Pack

In this Ambient music pack you will get 5 of my most popular tracks in one go!

French Jazz Acoustic Guitar Pack

A pack consisting of five of my acoustic guitar tracks which are mainly in a French/gypsy jazz style.


15 happy, cheerful, smiling, joyful loops for the happiest of your projects, sites and merry games.

Inspirational Loops 5 Pack

60 second loops that will make perfect background music for any number of applications.

Ambient Website Background Sound Pack

A full length ambient website background track, which is also broken down into it’s sub parts, 10 variations to allow the user to re-arrange into a custom built track or use the individual parts on different parts of a website/movie.

Positive and Cheerful Music Pack 1

Positive, cheerful and uplifting tracks that will put a smile on your face. These catchy whistling tunes, acoustic grooves and quirky, bouncy tracks offer up a friendly vibe and a happy attitude perfect for commercials, websites, videos and more.

Energetic Corporate Loops Pack 5

These tracks can be used for music, background for websites, in news, video etc…

Rock Guitar Pack

This is a pack that has four different songs. Each song features distorted or crunchy guitar, and powerful groove on bass and drums.

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