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Audio Premium is a great value program that provides you with in-depth tutorials and royalty-free sample packs each month, and gives you access to the content from all our other Premium programs. We want to make it even better for you — leave a comment providing us with some feedback and you might just win a year of Premium. More details after the jump.

Here's what we want to know: what mix of content do you want in your Premium program? Currently, we're doing one royalty-free sample pack a month Premium three in-depth tutorials by industry professionals. Do you want more tutorials? More packs? Perhaps you'd like us to venture into video?

Let us know in the comments exactly what you want and you'll be in the running to win a free year of Premium goodness. Make sure to leave a legitimate email address so we can get in touch with you!

Audio Premium Now Available

If you missed the news last week and you're not sure what the competition is for, you can find out more about Audio Premium here. For a few dollars a month, you get access to the entire range of Tutsplus+ premium content — if you're a designer wanting to get into audio or vice versa, it's the perfect work-related education expense (which, remember, you can write off at tax-time!).

So far, we've released a great drum n' bass sample pack by Scott Wills of AudioJungle and a tutorial on workstation templates by Ryan Leach, a film composer who has been involved in Cold Case, The Simpsons Movie and the Dark Knight.

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