The Poignant Piano Pack - Audio Premium


This week in Audio Premium we have The Poignant Piano Pack from site manager and author Scott Wills, a collection of ten original compositions that can be used for film, video or Web. Ideal for end credits of a film, a reflective ambience in a slideshow, or just thoughtful and delicate background music for your project, these mostly loopable pieces will help add a delicate and retrospective moment to your next piece of work.

To learn more about what you get as part of Audio Premium, read this.

Samples are in WAV format. Here’s an demo of the type of music you can make with this pack:

Sample Pack Inventory

  • poignant01.wav
  • poignant02.wav
  • poignant03.wav
  • poignant04.wav
  • poignant05.wav
  • poignant06.wav
  • poignant07.wav
  • poignant08.wav
  • poignant09.wav
  • poignant10.wav
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