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Why does your track that sounds brilliant on your system sound muddy or overly bright on everyone else's? Most likely it's because you haven't calibrated your system properly. In this week's premium tutorial Mike Elliott begins an excellent series showing you how to make your room more accurate.

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So your mix is done and everything is perfect. The drums hit hard, the guitars soar, and the singer sounds like an angel. But when you go to show the mix to the band on their system everything falls apart. The bottom end is missing, the mid range is cloudy, and the top end is ear piercing. What happened? Everything was perfect.

Maybe their system was just EQed really oddly? Or maybe it was your system that was way off.

In this tutorial series we are going to look at what makes a properly calibrated system and how to achieve the best results possible at home. Everything from basic acoustics, to speakers, to reference levels will be discussed. So if you are ready to get your system up to snuff then jump in and get ready to be calibrated!

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