Audio Production

  • Sound Design
    Zynaptiq's Morph ExploredCover
    An introduction and overview of Zynaptiq's highly unique sound design plugin, Morph. This tutorial shows how to set-up unique sound shaping parameters and answer the age-old question of what the offspring of a tiger and didgeridoo would sound like.Read More…
  • Cubase
    How to Use Patch BanksPre
    Patch banks can be called as separate settings for a MIDI device that can help you to perform or play a specific instrument in the most effective way. They can help you to assign, split or layer various instruments on your MIDI device and help you to play them to their maximum potential.Read More…
  • Cubase
    MIDI Effects In CubasePre
    MIDI effects are a great way to overcome writer’s block. It helps you to create interesting patterns and arpeggios that might help you to create the next super hit.Read More…
  • Mixing & Mastering
    How to Null Test Your Gear: Part 1Null test preview
    Looking through equipment and any number of plugins might lead you to question what, really, is necessary and what is superfluous. In this tutorial, I'll help you make sense of it all.Read More…
  • Audio Recording
    Quick Tip: When to Turn Your Lav Mic Upside DownPreview
    The type of lav mic and how you place it can have an impact on the audio you record. In this quick tip I'll help you decide how best to place it to get the best results.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Sound Design With TyrellN6Preview
    In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate TyrellN6, a freeware instrument plug-in with several sound shaping features, for making virtual analogue synthesised sounds.Read More…
  • Drums
    Deep In BFDCover
    In this tutorial I'll show you some of the aspects of BFD 3 which set it apart from the pack in the realm of virtual drum sample players.Read More…
  • Dolby
    The Dolby Audio and Microsoft Edge ExperiencePreview 2
    Dolby Audio, the industry-leading audio technology, can now be used to enhance the online experience, thanks to Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. This article takes a look at Dolby Digital Plus, surround sound, and the audio encoding service provided by Microsoft Azure.Read More…
  • Cubase
    AudioWarp in CubasePre
    AudioWarp is a tool exclusive to Cubase that lets you to automatically correct loops to fit the tempo and rhythm of the project. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to fix loops using this feature.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice RecordingHomerecordingnew
    Talking about which microphone to use for a particular application is a minefield, because everyone has opinions. In this short tutorial, audio production expert Dave Bode will teach you about a few different microphone types and give you some recommendations on what to use.Read More…
  • Logic Pro
    Creating Analogue-Like Sounds With a DAWPreview
    With the ease and endless possibilities inherent with most DAWs it can be easy to overlook many of the essential nuances inherent to great recordings which tend to fall flat in the box. In this tut I will explore a way of subtly exciting a basic synth patch in order to create analogue-like variation. Read More…
  • Ableton Live
    How to Create a Track With Synth1Preview image
    In this lesson I will show you how to make a short music piece with the Synth1 instrument using Ableton as the DAW program. I will show you how to program two leads, a pad, a bass, a snare, a hihat, and an fx track for the composition.Read More…
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