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    Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Hardware Modular SynthsIntro euro modules by g p macklin flickr retina
    When you first see a modular synth, you may be reminded of an old telephone center, where operators made connections manually with cables. If you haven't heard of these large instruments before, it's better late than never. They're coming back, and leading audio and music producer magazines have been covering the topic this year. In this tutorial we'll give you all you need to know to get your own.Read More…
  • Logic Pro
    The Logic Pro X FactorLogicproxpreview400
    As a user of Logic since version 7, I love the innovation that Apple keeps bringing to the app, but making a major leap with your primary DAW can be a dicey affair. In this article I'll do my best to help you decide whether to make the switch to Logic Pro X, and make the transition easier.Read More…
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    5 Tips for Selecting DJ EquipmentPreview
    Want to become a DJ? Then it's time to get some gear. Here are five quick tips from Yousif Hazboun that will help you buy the right stuff.Read More…
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    Mobile Audio – GuitarJack Model 2 ReviewPreview
    Sonoma WireWorks have updated their very popular iPhone interface, GuitarJack. GuitarJack. Model 2 is now out and is compatible with all the latest versions of iPhones, iPods and iPads. Read More…
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    Audiotuts+ Top 6 Software SynthsPreview
    I remember discovering pro synths way back in 1982. I was amazed - with one instrument you could create almost any sound you could imagine. I fell in love with them. Now we can do all that with software. About a month ago I asked you what you thought was the best software synth. You answered. Five synths stood out above the rest. In this article we explore them. [Update August 3rd: After I read NaitaOni's comment, I added a section for Synth1.]Read More…
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    Tuts+ Solid Gold Bundle!!!Bundle preview
    The first Tuts+ bundle is finally here! An exclusive bundle of eleven fabulous items for an astonishingly low price!Read More…
  • Instruments
    How to Select the Best Acoustic Guitar for YouPreview
    I am an acoustic guitar lover. I have been playing guitar since I was a kid but it wasn't until I was 22 that I started loving my acoustic guitar much more than I ever did my electric. Recently I had to sell my acoustic in order to buy a new one. Sounds peculiar but due to travel constraints I couldn't travel with all my guitars, forcing me to sell my precious acoustic. Read More…
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    20 Windows DAWs Worth UsingPreview
    Most of the world use Windows computers, so the chances are you're one of them. So if you want to produce music on your computer, what are your options? Fortunately there are a heap of them - most of the big name digital audio workstation software works fine on Windows, and they're not your only choices. So sit down and take a menu. We list the "big gun" software you can choose from, some inexpensive (less than $100) alternatives, and a few free options.Read More…
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    Audio Apps - The Mac App Store Day 1Appstore icon
    The Mac App Store has just opened, and the first day was an unqualified success, with the download of over a million apps. What will the app store mean for audio software, and the future of the Mac? We have a look at the audio apps available on Day 1.Read More…
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    GuitarJack - Get Audio In and Out of Your iPhonePreview
    iPhone apps and devices are a huge industry - everyone who knows Objective-Ooriented C are filling the market with various apps for your iPhone or iPod touch. The music industry is no different with quite a few different music applications entering the market every once in a while. I had the pleasure of fooling around with Sonoma WireWorks' GuitarJack the other day. GuitarJack is a great little device that plugs into your iPhone or iPod touch. It allows you to plug in your guitar or a microphone and record directly to your phone or pod. It currently works with iPhone 3G, 3GS and the second or third generation iPod Touches. Due to a difference in connectors on the iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch or iPad the GuitarJack doesn't work with those models. But for all of you that haven't seen the need to update to your newest iWhatever, the GuitarJack and its companion app FourTrack might come in handy.Read More…
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    117 Audio Apps for Apple Lovers - Appstorm RoundupMusic and audio
    If you sit on the Apple side of the great debate, you're probably already familiar with our sister sites Mac.Appstorm and iPhone.Appstorm.Read More…
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    All the Music Apps for Google's Android You Could NeedHtcdream200
    The HTC Dream Android phone (elsewhere known as the G1) arrived in Australia recently, and I've had mine for about a month now. I have been an enthusiastic user of palmtops, organizers, PDAs and smartphones since the late 80s, and this one is very nice, though the battery could last a little longer, and it sometimes feels more sluggish than it should.Read More…