• Samples
    DIY Sample Series: Impact HitsDiy%20sample%20series%20 %20impact%20hits preview%20image
    In part two of the DIY Sample Series I'll show you how to record big impact elements and program them in NI's Kontakt.Read More…
  • Ableton Live
    Creating an Energetic Instrumental Trance SongProject 400 277
    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make an instrumental trance song. The melody was influenced by a lead synth of a remix competition of which artist was the techno maestro Glimpse, who has his own label called Glimpse Recordings and who had been also featured in modern music production magazines.Read More…
  • Composition
    Using Damage in Composition: Part 3Composing%20with%20damage%20part%2003 preview
    In this tutorial I’ll be jumping back into Damage to do some composition of percussion parts live! You will see some of the more electronic and industrial sounds in action as I audition what patches work and lay down some tracks. You’ll see the percussion parts all built from scratch as we record and refine the rhythms and sounds for a thick, industrial sound.Read More…
  • Composition
    Using Damage in Composition: Part 2Composing%20with%20damage%20part%2002 preview
    In this tutorial we will be jumping back into Damage to see how you can utilize the ethnic instrument patched to create a Middle Eastern style track. You will learn how to layer several percussion patches and design parts to create a richly textured percussion bed. You will also see what went into the supporting instrumentation for this orchestral/cinematic track. You will see lots of Kontakt combined with recorded audio tracks used for a really nice final product!Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Creating Hans Zimmer Drums with BFD2Previewimage
    Hollywood-sounding percussion on a budget might not be as tricky as you think! Here we take a look at the affordable BFD package to demonstrate how a simple and static idea can be turned into something worthy of a blockbuster score.Read More…
  • Composition
    How To Write An Effective Knockoff... LegallyCopy%20small
    Being asked to copy another song is just an everyday part of the gig. Here are some tips for both tapping in to the original's essence while still keeping the music inherently your own.Read More…
  • Music Theory
    Film Score Harmony: Chords by ThirdsAt%203rds%20pv
    How to use non-diatonic chords for a cinematic harmonic vocabulary and create any mood you desire.Read More…
  • Composition
    Using Damage in Composition: Part 1Using%20damage%20in%20composition%20part%2001 preview
    Heavyocity's Damage is a powerful tool for creating big percussion beds and glitchy drum parts in your tracks and compositions. In this tutorial we will be going over what the library has to offer by taking a look at the layout and the GUI. We will also be looking how to use some of the instruments contained in Damage for some big sounding percussion beds in a short orchestral example.Read More…
  • Composition
    Critique of "I Wanna Be Touched"Photodune 1671617 touch xs
    This critique explores Herb Sinus' song "I Wanna Be Touched". It features a lyric that touches on a range of strengths and the best ways to use them in relationships.Read More…
  • Composition
    Creating Vocal Harmony Using Pitch Shifting SoftwarePreview
    This short tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating a vocal harmony track, using 'pitch shifting' software such as Logic Pro X.Read More…
  • Composition
    How to Write Theme & Variations Preview
    In this tutorial we'll show you how to apply simple variation techniques to a simple ABA theme to create a wide range of moods and styles.Read More…
  • Arrangement
    Arranging for Strings: Part 2Instrumentalmusicpreview400
    In this tutorial, we'll cover how to turn a simple four part harmonization into a complex string arrangement.Read More…