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  • Audio Production
    Creating a Studio Mix Using Ableton Live and Rapid EvolutionPrev image
    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a musically harmonic, electronic style mix. I am using Live and free software called Rapid Evolution. The mix will also feature beat matching.Read More…
  • Djing
    Quick Tip: How To Create a DJ Template in Ableton LivePreview
    Ableton Live is a fully featured Digital Audio Workstation that allows users to make music in creative and experimental ways. However, Ableton began life as a DJ application. While features have been added over time to increase it's functionality as a DAW, it's DJ functions have increased as well. Here are some tips to save time by creating a DJ template with Ableton.Read More…
  • Djing
    How to DJ with Ableton LiveDj
    Twice a month we revisit some of our reader favorite posts from throughout the history of Audiotuts+. This tutorial was first published in October 2008. Ever wanted to DJ with Ableton Live? Here’s how! While it’s true that you can produce a complete live show with Ableton Live, bringing your studio production to stage, some would just like to mix their favorite tracks “a la DJ.” The most basic principle of DJing is to have a set of tunes playing continuously — no jumps, no cuts, no funny transitions, just as if all the pieces in the playlist were one. A long tune of an hour or more.Read More…
  • Djing
    How to Beat Match With Your DJ Gear's Pitch ControllersThumb
    In this video tutorial, Johnathan Lewis explains the process of beat matching using the pitch controllers on your DJ equipment.Read More…
  • Djing
    How to Setup DJ Equipment The Right WayDjequipment
    In this video tutorial, Johnathan explains how to correctly set up DJ equipment. He discusses how to properly position and set up your decks, how to achieve the perfect balance between audio volume and quality, and how to set up speakers in a way that's most useful for you as a DJ. These best practices will help you approach each set in a professional manner.Read More…