• Drums
    Deep In BFDCover
    In this tutorial I'll show you some of the aspects of BFD 3 which set it apart from the pack in the realm of virtual drum sample players.Read More…
  • Cubase
    The Drum Maps in CubasePre
    Drum Maps helps to solve the issues like where the snare MIDI key on one instrument might be the hi-hat of another and the MIDI maps of the instruments might get all mixed up. In this tutorial, I will teach you the basic setup and how to use it in a project effectively.Read More…
  • Composition
    Using Damage in Composition: Part 3Composing%20with%20damage%20part%2003 preview
    In this tutorial I’ll be jumping back into Damage to do some composition of percussion parts live! You will see some of the more electronic and industrial sounds in action as I audition what patches work and lay down some tracks. You’ll see the percussion parts all built from scratch as we record and refine the rhythms and sounds for a thick, industrial sound.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Creating Hans Zimmer Drums with BFD2Previewimage
    Hollywood-sounding percussion on a budget might not be as tricky as you think! Here we take a look at the affordable BFD package to demonstrate how a simple and static idea can be turned into something worthy of a blockbuster score.Read More…
  • Drums
    15 Tips for Producing Great Trance Drum Grooves15 edm drum tips preview
    Drums create the foundation of most dance music. If your productions seem to be lacking, it could be that your track is only as good as it's foundation. In this tutorial, Tuts+ author Robert Anthony shares 15 simple yet effective tips to create a solid drum track.Read More…
  • Logic Pro
    Using a Drummer Track to Control Any Plug-inUsing drummer preview image
    Drummer is a great new feature in Logic Pro X, but wouldn't it be cool if you could have your new virtual drummer play a grungy sound effect kit? Or how about go to town on an orchestral timpani set? In this tutorial, Robert Anthony will show you how to set Drummer free to play any plug-in you have.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Creating Drum Layers in Logic Pro XDrumlayerspreview
    In this tutorial we'll look at layering drum tracks in Logic Pro X. We'll show you how to layer a mixture of hits, loops and effects to build up a good drum track that works well, fills all the frequencies, and ticks all the right boxes. Read More…
  • Recording
    Producing an EP Part 3: Programing DrumsProducing%20an%20ep%20part%2003%20 %20programing%20drums preview
    In this series we'll look at several aspects of creating a 6-7 song EP. In Part 3, we'll look at how we approached programming drums with a drummer, and then edited those parts to refine the sound and realism.Read More…
  • Instruments
    How to Make Your Own Porthole in Your Bass DrumPreview
    You have been playing with the band for some time now and everybody agrees that it is time to cut a record. However, you know that in order to get that in your face punch out of your kick drum you need a porthole in your resonant head so that the engineer can put a microphone right up against the batter head. That means you need to buy a new resonant head right? Wrong! Read More…
  • Audio Production
    When (and How) to Use an Under-Snare MicrophonePreview
    Getting a great snare sound is a crucial aspect of the whole drum recording experience. The snare drives the back beat and is the backbone of the whole drum sound. In order to capture the full sound of the snare drum you must know how to capture and use the snare drum's most important sound, the snares. If the snare drum didn't have the snares rattling underneath it would just be a really shallow sounding tom. The best way to capture the snare sound properly is to not use one microphones but two. One on top and one below.Read More…
  • Recording
    How to Record Drums Like an Expert: BasixPreview
    Drum recording is one of those things that you need to get right. There is much less room for experimentation in drum sounds. What I mean to say is, you can have the most alternative guitar sound or effected vocal sound in the world but if the drums don't sound right nobody is going to care. Sure, you can experiment with different mixing techniques and try different production tricks later down the line, but the first order of business is to nail that drum sound. If your kick drum sounds like a cardboard box beaten with a marshmallow then no amount of mixing is going to fix it. Get it right at the source or don't do it at all.Read More…
  • General
    10 Rocking Drum Tuition VideosRedrumrock
    Here are 10 rocking drum tuition videos that teach you rudiments, patterns and techniques. This is great information to know when you're programming a realistic drum pattern for your track. And if you're serious about learning how to play drums. Learn and enjoy!Read More…