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    Critique of "Ghosts"Photodune 3149263 ghosts s
    Let's have a look at a Ed Durbrow's ghostly song and discuss its potential in the marketplace.Read More…
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    Can an iPad Replace My MainStage Rig?Photodune 277307 rock concert s
    Imagine a digital sound source that comes with a huge variety of quality software instruments, samples and loops, has battery life that will last all day, and doesn’t just have an interface for your favourite MIDI controller, but can power it for hours as well. That’s the promise of the iPad. Is it time to throw away MainStage?Read More…
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    10 Tips Towards Rib-Tickling LyricsPhotodune 4021253 laughing audience at the movies xs
    When I look back over the countless writers' nights I have attended in my life, I recall a great deal of boredom mixed in with the chill bumps. A single accoustic guitar plucked to yet another ballad can truly be yawn-worthy. Nothing quenches the thirst brought on by too much sincerity like a truly funny song. So often, in a round of say, four players, one writer will unleash his funniest piece, and a barrage of humor will follow. Talk about a welcomed relief! Read More…
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    Expanding Your Audio Horizons: Choosing a Related Field of StudyExpandhorizonspreview400
    Audio is a peculiar field of interest. Like most commercially oriented fields, audio is a blend of both the science and the arts. Without one or the other we would not have the industry we have today. While many of us have entered into the audio realm through music, not everyone does. In fact, there are related fields of study that we as audio engineers owe a great deal of gratitude towards. Having a knowledge of what these fields do can have a tremendous impact on how we work in the audio field. So for those of you who ever wondered what lies underneath the console, what is inside that effect, or maybe even why some bands are more successful than others, read on and see where you might end up!Read More…
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    All I Want for Christmas is a CutChristmascutpreview400
    Unfortunately, a songwriter is highly unlikely to get a Christmas cut in his or her stocking. I say this, not because it is next to impossible, but because Christmas songs are usually cut and polished in the May to July period, with the end of July pretty much signaling the closing of the window. This is due to the fact that a whole new cast of characters including marketing and sales people, need time to carry out their end of the endeavor. So, get a good head-start in any given year and get your Santa/spiritual masterpieces in circulation early! Read More…
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    Get Great Feedback on Your Song or Track with a Tuts+ WorkshopWorkshop 400
    It's possible to write and produce a song without a second person ever hearing it. After tweaking a mix for hours and hearing a song so many times that you’re practically deaf to it, a fresh set of ears to give advice can be invaluable. Tuts+ Workshops let you get helpful feedback from your peers. Our strong community is made up of both audio rookies and veterans, an audience full of fresh ears with bucketloads of knowledge and experience. Here's how to get their feedback on your track.Read More…
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    Essential Listening: Self-Assessment Essentiallisteningpreview400
    Welcome back for another dose of Essential Listening!  Whether because of cost or curiosity, many musicians decide to try their hand at audio engineering—usually working on their own songs. While a DIY mindset is always a valid approach, it does not come without pitfalls. The biggest trap comes in assessing one's own work.Read More…
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    Essential Listening: Classic Piano SoundsEssentiallisteningpreview400
    Welcome back to Essential Listening. Last time we took a look at some timeless electric guitar tones that seem to transcend the decades, but today it is all about piano! Don't let the title fool you, these piano sounds are not just for Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, but for rock, RnB, and just about every genre.Read More…
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    Working With Internal Audio Routing: JACK AudioInternal routing 400px
    Welcome back for another round of internal audio routing. Last time we took a look at various third party applications that allow for more flexible audio routing possibilities. Of all those programs, the JACK Audio Connection Kit offered the most flexibility while being free and cross platform to boot. The catch? Setup can be a royal nightmare with JACK!Read More…
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    Essential Listening: Timeless Guitar TonesEssentiallisteningpreview400
    Welcome back for another round of Essential Listening! Last time we took a close look at some top notch snare sounds, and why they are excellent reference points for us as audio engineers. Today we are going to look at electronic guitar tones in the same way.Read More…
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    Working With Internal Audio Routing - Part 2Internal routing 400px
    Welcome back for another round of internal audio routing. Last time we took a look at the core essentials of routing audio between programs inside our computers. To do so we utilized a first-party middle-man software in the form of the interface mixer. And while this was all well and good, it sacrificed stability for flexibility.Read More…
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    4 Aspects of Successful Lyric WritingLyricwritingpreview400
    Lyric writing, like melody writing, is ideally a highly personal and individualized matter. Creativity is not about conformity or adhering to strict dogma. That being said, there are some basic rules of thumb that have proven to be quite effective and worth experimenting with as a songwriter matures in the direction of his or her muse.Read More…