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    Hear More: Basic Ear Training for MusiciansPhotodune 5433881 big ear xs
    Do you play by ear? Would you like to train yourself to have that skill? If you want to improve your ability to hear music, this tutorial is for you.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Adding Realism to Sampled DrumsDrumsamples preview
    With many of us turning to virtual instruments to give us a professional drum kit sound at an affordable price, here are four simple tips you can employ to get more realism out of your sampled drum package.Read More…
  • Instruments
    How to Play Altered Chords on GuitarPreview
    Have you ever wish to embrace dissonance, and actually make it sound good? In Western music, we're more used to hearing consonance than dissonance. Today I'll show you the tools you need to understand dissonance, and make it sound appropriate.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Learn to Play by EarPhotodune 527199 pianist s
    Listening to a song on the radio and want to be able to play along? This quick tip will teach you how to play a song by ear, so that you can play anything you want!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How to Play the Melodic Minor ScalePreviewlenny400x277
    Are you tired of playing up and down major scales and natural minor scales? Here's something to try: the melodic minor scale. Never heard of it? Then this quick tip is for you.Read More…
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    How to Play Extended Chords on Guitar400pxpreview
    Sometimes as we grow as musicians we develop a taste for a more polished sound. In terms of chords, our taste might shift from simple triads to seventh chords, until we get to extended chords. Today, I'd like to explore this last area, which seems to be a bit more obscure.Read More…
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    How to Make Your Rhythm Guitar More Solid: Part 2Rhythmguitarpreview400
    Welcome to the second part of this little series on rhythm guitar. If you want to get better at rhythm, then you've landed on the right page. I suggest you check out the Part 1 for a basic introduction. In Part 2, I'll finish explaining the concept of accents, and discuss odd meters and polyrhythms.Read More…
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    Learn to Play a Silent Night Jazz Arrangement 400xsilent
    Are you ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays by spending some time with your family and close friends? What if someone asks you to play a song? Instead of playing a pop song or Led Zeppelin riff, how about something more appropriate? Today I'll teach you an arrangement for Silent Night that I wrote. It's a chord melody arrangement, with a subtle jazzy flavor.Read More…
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    How to Make Your Rhythm Guitar More Solid: Part 1Rhythmguitarpreview400
    Have you ever wondered how good you are at playing rhythm guitar, and then go to record a demo with your band and realize you can’t actually play in time? It happened to me, and it was really awkward. In this tutorial I'll give you some advice about how to avoid ending up in the same boat.Read More…
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    The Quest for Better Guitar Tone: Part 1Guitar tone series part 01 400
    In this series we will check out a few different guitar/pedal/amp setups to help you in the quest for better tone! In this video we are going to sit down with Evan Thorpe to talk about his setup and what he uses to create different sounds and textures. We will look at some examples of how to combine pedals and pickups to create really nice pop/rock tones.Read More…
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    Guitar Arpeggios: Playing Over Chord Changes400px
    Not every guitarist is able to play over chord changes, but it's a key skill, whether you play jazz or improvise in your bedroom. In this video series on playing guitar arpeggios, we start at the beginning by explaining what an arpeggio is, and how to play them. Embrace this topic, and see how musical your improvisations become.Read More…
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    Using Triads for Melodies, Arpeggios and Rhythm Guitar – Part 3Preview400x400
    This will be the third and final part of our series about triads. I'd like to end this journey with some additional voicings you may not be playing every time you pick up your guitar. So pick up your guitar and start experimenting!Read More…