Pro Tools

  • Audio Production
    Creating Hans Zimmer Drums with BFD2Previewimage
    Hollywood-sounding percussion on a budget might not be as tricky as you think! Here we take a look at the affordable BFD package to demonstrate how a simple and static idea can be turned into something worthy of a blockbuster score.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Creatively Manipulating Guitar DIDi preview
    Recording a DI signal for your guitar parts can often have many convenient benefits. Here we take a look at how we can manipulate a recorded DI signal to create a sound unique to your own production.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Quick Tip: An Introduction to Transient DesignTransientdesignpreview400
    In this quick tip, we continue looking at essential workhorse effects and processors. Today we cover a processor you really should have: a transient designer/shaper. These allow you to manipulate the attack, decay and sustain portions of a sound. In this screencast we show you how to use SPL Transient Designer.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Quick Tip: Create Engine Sounds Using an Analogue SynthesizerPreview
    Today I will show you how to create engine/vehicle sounds using an analogue synthesizer. For this tutorial, I am using the Digidesign Vacuum instrument in Pro Tools, because it offers a nice tube saturation to the sound with its vacuum tube synthesis, although its not different from any of the analogue synthesizers in operation. Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Morphing in Pro ToolsPreview
    We've all seen how you can morph one face into another in the graphical world. In this screencast Rishabh Rajan shows us how to achieve the same thing with audio using Pro Tools.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Punchier Drums with the New York Compression TrickPreview
    Ever have a mix where you wish the drums were bigger, more energetic, more in-your-face? I first heard about this technique in Bobby Owinksi’s, The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, and it has since become a staple in my bag of tricks. The technique is a more aggressive take on parallel compression that can really add punch to your mix. Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Convolution Reverb - McDSP's Revolver Part 3Cover
    So far we have looked at the equipment used, how to set it up and getting the space recorded. In part three we will now look at converting your expertly recorded audio into an Impulse Response. As an Impulse Response, you can import it into McDSP's Revolver plugin, thereby recreating the sound of the recorded space on any audio!Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Convolution Reverb - McDSP's Revolver Part 2Cover
    In this short series of quick tips, we are looking at how to record an Impulse Response of a space using Pro Tools, and then using McDsp's Revolver Plugin to 'de'convolve it. Sounds complex? Not at all, refer back to Part 1 to catch up with the story!Read More…
  • DAW
    What Is the Best DAW for Beginners?Preview
    If you're getting started with audio production, it won't be long before you have to start making decisions. These decisions will potentially cost you lots of time and money. And one of the first of these decisions is about software - which digital audio workstation (DAW) software should you choose?Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Convolution Reverb - McDSP's Revolver Part 1Cover
    McDSP have been releasing high quality software processing for quite sometime now and have developed quite a strong reputation. In this quick tip I'll be showing you how to create an Impulse Response (IR) for any space you like. Read More…
  • Mixing & Mastering
    8 Easy Steps To Better EQThumb
    Twice a month we revisit some of our reader favorite posts from throughout the history of Audiotuts+. This tutorial was first published in December 2008. Knowing how to use an equalizer is a fundamental skill for anyone working with audio, yet it is one of the most abused. Here are some tips and tricks for using your EQ more effectively. You’ll notice there are more don'ts than dos on this list; that’s because EQ is best when used in moderation.Read More…
  • General
    Quick Tip: Pro Tools - The BF76 and Parallel Compression on DrumsPreview
    Parallel compression has long been a part of the arsenal of engineers the world over, traditionally used on drums but can be used to great effect on just about any manner of audio signal. Today we will look at using the Bomb Factory 'BF76', which comes standard with Pro Tools to get some great compressed drum sounds.Read More…