• Audio Recording
    Quick Tip: When to Turn Your Lav Mic Upside DownPreview
    The type of lav mic and how you place it can have an impact on the audio you record. In this quick tip I'll help you decide how best to place it to get the best results.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Making Sounds With ZebralettePreview
    In this lesson I will show you how to make a short music piece using the Zebralette instrument in Ableton. After listening back to the song, I found that the mood and the sounds got a bit of earlier electric breaks feel, although it wasn't a conscious decision. I will program leads, pad, bass, and fx track for the composition.Read More…
  • Cubase
    The Cubase Mixer Window - Part 2Pre400
    In this tutorial, I'll build on the first tutorial—the Normal view, the Extended view and Common panel functions and settings—and I'll show you about the channel strips in the extended view and how to hide certain channels.Read More…
  • Ableton Live
    Creating an Energetic Instrumental Trance SongProject 400 277
    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make an instrumental trance song. The melody was influenced by a lead synth of a remix competition of which artist was the techno maestro Glimpse, who has his own label called Glimpse Recordings and who had been also featured in modern music production magazines.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    The Ultimate List of Tips for Producing Sampled StringsStrings2 prv
    A short series of useful tips that can help get your sampled strings sounding more realistic. These include layering, velocities, performance samples, use of expression, arrangement, and more.Read More…
  • Arrangement
    Enhance Your Music with a Subtlety LayerLatte
    Adding a layer of subtle elements can bring your music to a new level, just like the right garnish and spice can turn a main dish into a gourmet entree.Read More…
  • Production
    An Introduction To Bitwig's Modulation SystemBitwigmodulation
    Bitwig Studio is a new full-featured DAW for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In our first look at the software, Mo Volans takes us through the modulation system of its Polysynth virtual synthesizer.Read More…
  • Production
    Setting up iOS MIDI over WifiIosmidiwifipreview
    iPads and iPhones are becoming increasingly useful for music and audio. Get the most out of them by making them accessible to your Mac-based audio setup. In this tutorial we show you how to connect iOS devices to your DAW as external MIDI instruments.Read More…