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Propellerhead Reason

  • Sound Design
    Creative CV Routing in ReasonCvroutingpreview
    In Reason, controlled voltage (CV) connections mimic the way data is conveyed in older analog hardware synths, allowing you to control triggers, envelopes and modulation. It's flexible, and easy to configure. Here's how to make the most of them to get creative.Read More…
  • Recording
    Record and Process Hardware In ReasonExternalreasonpreview
    In this Propellerhead Reason tutorial, we'll show you how to make the most of external MIDI instruments. We'll cover how to set them up, how to assign and control MIDI controllers, how to record the resulting sound, and how to twist the audio in an interesting way. Have fun!Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Quick Tip: Create Radio Imaging SFX Using Reason's Malstrom1ohm radio imaging preview400x400
    In this quick tip, I want to share with you a fun and easy way to create radio imaging sound effects using Malstrom. Even if you're not familiar with the term, the chances are you know how they sound. A radio imaging sound is a composite effect that brands a radio station, and it can includes jingles, music samples, voice-over, and all kind of sound effects like impacts, sweeps, noises, explosions and so on.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    How to Create an FM Dubstep Bass in ReasonFmdubsteppreview400
    In this tutorial I'll show you one of my methods to get a modern synthetic bass sound similar to those used by artist such as Knife Party, Skrillex, xKore, and many others. At the same time we'll take a detailed look at the creating process of a complex Combinator patch.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Create Unusually Useful Sounds and Effects with Self-OscillationSelfoscillationpreview400
    Self-oscillation is a useful feature of many classic subtractive synths like the Moog, and some emulators. It's a great way to create unusual atonal sounds and effects. In this video tutorial we look at what it is, how to create it, and what you can do with it.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Demystifying the Mod MatrixPreview
    Many advanced synths in Reason have a Mod Matrix - an essential component in creating great patches. This week we'll become familiar with the way the Mod Matrix works, and in Part 2 we'll cover some more advanced topics.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Making Wide Arpeggiator Patches Using The Korg PolySix Rack ExtensionPreview
    Now Reason 6.5 has been with a us a for a little while and the rack extensions store is fully operational, I thought I’d take a look at a classic Korg soft synth that’s been welcomed into the Propellerhead collective, the Polysix. Read More…
  • Sound Design
    An Introduction to Self-oscillation and FM Synthesis - Part 2Preview
    This pair of quick tips will give you an introduction to FM synthesis. In this second part I am going to be looking at FM synthesis. I will be using the relatively simple Subtractor synth in Reason to give you an introduction to how this kind of synthesis works, and how you can begin to use it in practice.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    An Introduction to Self-oscillation and FM Synthesis - Part 1Preview
    This pair of quick tips will give you an introduction to to often baffling world of self-oscillation and FM synthesis - two processes which are fundamentally linked. I am using Reason 4 for this example, but the principles here will translate to most synths/samplers/DAWs.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Quick Tip: Some Unusual and Creative Uses for LFOsThumbnail
    We've all heard (and possibly overheard) the classic LFO>Filter Frequency used in extensively in Dubstep, but LFOs can be used in many other creative ways. This quick tip will give you some ideas about how you can create interesting effects by applying LFOs to some other parameters on your synths/samplers. Most of the sounds in this tip have a slight 80s feel to them, but the techniques can be used in all musical styles.Read More…
  • Propellerhead Reason
    Introducing The New Reason 6 DevicesReason logo%20preview%20image
    Reason 6 has been one of the most highly anticipated updates of the Propellerhead product range for some time. Version 6 not only offers a streamlined product, audio support and a host of new features but also a trio of new effects processors. Here we’ll take a look at the new devices offer, get familiar with the parameters and learn how they can be used in your projects. Everything you see and hear here was produced using Reason 6 and its included factory sound bank.Read More…
  • Sound Design
    Quick Tip: Use Reason's MClass EQ as a Creative Effects ToolReason logo preview image
    Today I will show you how to use Reason's MClass equalizer as a powerful send effect. Everybody knows how to use an equalizer and how to boost or cut certain frequencies. But very few among them know how to use it as a creative tool. Let's get started.Read More…