• Music
    Tape Effects and the Modern DAWTape
    This tutorial focuses on some of the mechanics behind real tape and introduces you to the characteristics of classic tape machines and their virtual counterparts.Read More…
  • Recording
    Recording Live Music With a Portable RecorderGroup%20recording%2003
    If you planning an interesting trip and are keen to sample the local music, don't just take the camcorder. Take a portable recorder, as well, for brilliant top quality audio samples while you're there. Follow this bullet point guide, formulated over 15 years of my travelling as a musician and ethnomusicologist. Read More…
  • Recording
    Recording Speech With a Portable RecorderPortable%20recorders
    Journalists use them all the time. So do ethnomusicologists. Anyone planning to record a live concert, an interview, a song demo, a lecture or meeting, or maybe some ambience or background atmosphere for a film clip should consider owning one as a matter of course. Portable recorders have come of age in recent years. Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Bow & Tell: Working With a CellistBow and tell lucy preview
    The cello is one of our favorite live instruments to work with as it presents such a diverse range of sounds and moods. In this tutorial we cover working with and recording cellist to create different moods and effectsRead More…
  • Cubase
    Using External Instruments and Effects in CubasePre
    Let’s go back to the past, when all you had was a tape machine, some external effects, a loop machine and reverbs. Getting nostalgic? Some engineers still prefer to use that gear to add originality and clarity to their mixes—a quality you simply cannot get through emulation or synthesis. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up your external effects and instruments in Cubase, and use them in your mixes.Read More…
  • Cubase
    Make the Most of Cubase's MetronomePre
    Everyone uses a metronome. Learning to use them effectively will help you prevent problems in your projects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the metronome (aka Click) in Cubase, and properly set up the features it offers.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Beginner's Guide to Recording Effective Voiceovers in LogicVoiceover
    With the rise of viral videos and animated explainer videos, more and more people are requiring voiceovers. Can you record yours effectively? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up your microphone and record a voiceover with a natural and smooth tone.Read More…
  • Recording
    Record and Process Hardware In ReasonExternalreasonpreview
    In this Propellerhead Reason tutorial, we'll show you how to make the most of external MIDI instruments. We'll cover how to set them up, how to assign and control MIDI controllers, how to record the resulting sound, and how to twist the audio in an interesting way. Have fun!Read More…
  • Recording
    Recording Vocal GroupsPhotodune 7415817 row of microphones for backup singers xs
    There’s something exhilarating about listening to a great vocal group hitting their stride with energy and attitude, and nailing both the groove and their tuning with ease! In the final article in this series, we’re going to be looking at the kind of challenge recording such a group poses, be they adults or children.Read More…
  • Recording
    Producing an EP Part 5: Vocal Coaching and ProcessingProducing%20an%20ep%20part%2005%20 %20vocal%20coaching%20and%20processing preview
    In this series we'll look at several aspects of creating a 6-7 song EP. In Part 5, we will go over some of the vocal coaching ideas I used to help get better performances out of the singers. We will cover vowels blending, singing through phrases, pitch correction, and more!Read More…
  • Recording
    Recording Jazz InstrumentsPhotodune 3941979 tenor sax golden saxophone macro selective focus s
    Jazz musicians are, almost by definition, improvisers. This is what they do best. They may not even be able to read a notated part that well, if at all. But if a talented jazz session player can connect to your track and the vibe is right for them, then watch out. You could be about to hear something awesome!Read More…
  • Recording
    Recording Solo Orchestral InstrumentsPhotodune 1234825 young woman playing flute s
    There’s nothing quite so inspiring as working with talented and experienced musicians in a recording studio. But recording ‘real’ players brings its own set of specific issues and problems to solve. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at a range of instruments at the classical end of the spectrum, and see how best to prepare for a session with any one of them. Read More…
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