Creative Session: All About Music Notation

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People have been notating music for four thousand years - today it remains an essential skill for every musician. Here is a collection of tuts and articles that will help you read and write chord charts, guitar tab, and sheet music.

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  • Arrangement
    How to Create a Song Sheet in Logic's Score EditorThumb
    Logic Pro has some very advanced tools when it comes to scoring. In this tutorial I'm going to show you the basics of getting started with the Score Editor by building a basic song sheet. Don't worry, you don't even need to be able to read music!Read More…
  • Music Theory
    Keeping Score: A Beginner’s Guide to Notating Music - BasixPrev
    If you’re in the business of writing music that’s intended to be performed by other musicians, then you’re also in the business of teaching others to perform what you write. Even if you want your parts to be interpreted and improvised, being able to communicate what you’ve written in a clear and accessible way is essential to the creative process and ensuring the integrity of what you write.Read More…
  • Music Theory
    Music Notation in Sibelius - Part 1Preview image
    In this new exciting session you'll learn everything about music notation for all sorts of purposes: writing for a pop or rock band or writing a symphony for orchestra. You'll learn quite a lot of things like notation for guitar, drums, special symbols and more. Do you have a lot of good ideas for your band? After this Session, you're ready to perform your ideas and rock!Read More…
  • General
    5 Ways to Notate Your MusicNotation200
    You have a new tune in your head and don't want to lose it. What do you do? You're thinking hard about how to structure your new masterpiece, and want to preserve your ideas. How do you keep track of them? You're noodling on your piano, and have come up with a new bassline. What is the most effective way of passing that on to the bass player?Read More…
  • Composition
    Creating Guitar Tabs with Logic Pro 9Guitar
    In a music world where less and less people are bothering to learn to read and write “proper” notation, more easily grasped formats such as tablature are very popular—particularly in popular music where the nuance of rhythm can be derived from feel and instinct more easily than, say, classical. When composing in Logic, you can provide your guitarists with guitar tab instead of notation if they can’t read it. Here’s how.Read More…
  • General
    Nashville Notation: Playing by the NumbersNashvillenotation200
    As a Mathematics graduate, I know how useful numbers are. People paint by numbers, dial phone numbers, organize books by numbers, and tell time with numbers. I've decided to start playing by the numbers.Read More…
  • General
    7 Sites That Teach You to Read MusicMusic and audio
    Last week's article, 5 Ways to Notate Your Music, talked about the importance of music notation to musicians and composers. The article mentioned that reading music is a skill that is well worth learning. In response, reader Jon commented, "I definitely want to read and write music fluently." So for Jon and the rest of us who have made a New Year's resolution to learn to read (and write) music, here are seven websites that can help.Read More…