Creative Session: All About Playing Guitar

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Learning to play guitar is fantastic, but it takes time and commitment - and correct technique. Here are some tuts that show you how.

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    Guitar Tut: Open String RunsPreview
    Here is the first of Toby Pitman's guitar tuts. I've been looking forward to these! In this video guitar tutorial we'll cover the basics of open string runs. It’s like having a sustain pedal for your guitar!Read More…
  • Music Theory
    Dorian Mode WorkshopMusic and audio
    The Dorian mode is a well used scale in most genres based around Rock, Blues and Jazz as well as featuring in Celtic and Folk styles. You might say it's pretty popular! In the tutorial I'm going to show you how you can get a lot more out of this scale by looking at how it's constructed and using that information to play lines that are based around it's arpeggios instead of just running up and down the scale. Well also look at some alternative Pentatonic ideas that aren't generated by the root note of the scale. This is sometimes referred to as Pentatonic Substitution.Read More…
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    How to Use the Nashville TuningThumb
    The Nashville tuning is a great way to enhance your productions when it comes to guitars. In this tutorial I'll cover the basics and show you how to set it up and show you some of the cool things you can do with it.Read More…
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    Guitar Lesson: Creative Power ChordsJoe200
    In this video guitar lesson, I show you how to add thirds to your power chords to give them a more distinctive sound. TAB, chord charts, and an MP3 to jam with are all included.Read More…
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    Creative Power Chords: Part TwoJoe200
    In part two of this tutorial series on creative power chords, I will show you how to add Major and Minor 7ths to less advanced voicings.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How To Get A Clean John Frusciante Tone200x200
    In this tutorial I'm going to show how to get that classic and iconic clean-Stratish tone using just modeling technology. I'm using Guitar Rig 4 to get it, but you could use whatever software or real amp, as long as it gives you a Marshall-like tone.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Vibrato for GuitarVibratoqt cover art
    In this video quick tip for guitarists, we will take a look at how to apply vibrato to your notes. While the technique is relatively simply, the use of vibrato can often be overlooked by beginners especially. With a little practice you can start to achieve some great vocal-like effects and add the feel and depth to your playing just as all the guitar gods do!Read More…
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    An Overview of the CAGED SystemPicture
    The CAGED system is a very large yet simple step in the right direction for the guitarist of any level. It teaches things as basic as understanding the fretboard, all the way to understanding and playing different modes. If you want to learn to solo like your favorite guitarist, it starts right here.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    30+ Insanely Useful Websites for GuitaristsGibsonrobot
    The guitar is an instrument that knows no genre and no boundaries--one of the reasons why it's arguably the world's most beloved instrument. Here are over 30 incredibly useful (and often entertaining) websites dedicated to the guitar and its admirers.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How to Change Guitar StringsChanging guitar strings preview image
    When you break a guitar string or haven't changed your strings since you bought your guitar two years ago, the process of putting on some new ones can be a scary thought if you've never done it before. While you could take your guitar to a local music store to have them do it for you, it can often be a few days before you get your guitar back and it will surely add some extra expense in the process.Read More…
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    In Tune: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guitar Tuning! - BasixPrev
    Getting and keeping your guitar in tune is so rudimentary that it barely merits talking about, right? Well, I’m not so sure. Despite, or maybe even because, of easy access to digital tuners, it seems that an awful lot of guitar players haven’t quite got to grips with it. I can’t count the number of local bands and YouTube guitar show-and-tell videos I’ve seen featuring horribly out of tune guitars. I’ve even jammed with other musicians and had to point out that they’re out of tune, and once even had to physically tune their instrument for them!Read More…
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    Replacing Electric Guitar PickupsPreview
    I remember my first electric guitar. I liked its design—it had great playability and was comfortable. It was a Stratocaster copy with three single coil pickups. One thing I didn't like was the sound that came from the bridge pickup. It was too thin, and at that time I needed a pretty thick sound. So it sounded fat when played through Tube Screamer and Marshall amps. A few months later I replaced it with a single coil stack Humbucker and was happy with the results. Read More…
  • General
    15 Youtube Videos that Help You Learn GuitarGuitar
    To follow up our article on Youtube keyboard tutorials, here's one for you budding guitarists. Whether you're learning electric or acoustic guitar, many of the skills are the same, and you should find something here to help. Here are 15 Youtube videos that will give you something to practice.Read More…
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    Steve Vai's History and GearPreview
    A friend of mine just attended the Steve Vai masterclass put on by Thump in Brisbane, Australia. He loved it! That inspired me to crawl through a bunch of Steve videos on YouTube. Here's a great video from another event, where Steve talks about his history and gear.Read More…
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    10 Essential Principles for Learning GuitarGuitarthumb
    The guitar is a great instrument. It's fairly portable, relatively inexpensive, easy enough to learn the basics - and you can take your playing as far as you want. Lots of people - from kids to grandparents - learn the guitar every day. And if you're one of them, here are ten things you need to know.Read More…
  • Composition
    Improvization Basics: The Pentatonic ScaleThumb
    When I was thirteen years old, I decided to teach myself guitar because I loved the way that modern-day guitar heroes (by which I do not mean your chubby ten year old playing with a fake guitar and an Xbox) improvised what seemed like complicated lead pieces on the spot. After hearing the guitar solo Slash played in Sweet Child O’ Mine, I all but forgot to practice chords in search of the ability to play like that.Read More…