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Making good music requires knowledge, practice and talent. Making money from making music requires a clear goal, the right attitude, a commitment to make it work, and an entirely different set of skills. This tutorials will get you started.

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    Do Artists Really Need Managers Anymore?Preview
    Over time the music industry has been constantly evolving and managers have continued to play a pivotal role in the accomplishments of the artist they represent. But do artists really need managers anymore? It’s a bold statement to make, but one may argue the old school management model has left it’s best days behind. However that’s not to say managers won’t or can’t diversify to meet the new needs of artists in the 21st Century.Read More…
  • Business
    The Complete Social Media Strategy for the Musician and Engineer Part 1Preview
    Having a presence online is a crucial aspect of your marketing endeavors. Whether you're a musician or an engineer, having your own website complete with your portfolio and information gets more and more important every day. You don't want to rely on third party social media sites for your marketing. You also need your own domain, where you are the king of the castle. In the following tutorial I'm going to show you some easy steps to create your own web presence. We'll set up a website and e-mail account, and hook up the social media connections you need.Read More…
  • Lectures
    How to Use Soundcloud to Promote Your MusicPreview
    Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the lectures! Each weekend, we’ll feature a recommended audio lecture on Audiotuts+. SoundCloud is a new online audio platform that lets music professionals receive, send and distribute their music. Primarily SoundCloud provides an efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are working on in private settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release.Read More…
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    6 Steps to Sending the Perfect Demo SubmissionThumb
    You just finished a smashing new track and want to send it to a record label! But you don't know how or you did it in the past but never got a reply. Here's a guide to send the perfect demo submission in just six easy steps!Read More…
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    5 Forms & Contracts Every Musician NeedsLegal
    Being a musician seems glamorous to the outsider. The truth is, there is paperwork to be done and legal precautions to take, just like in any other business—whether you're selling millions of tracks on iTunes every week, or you're losing money. Here are five forms and contracts that every musician needs; some you should have ready and printed, on hand around the office (or studio or bedroom...) and others aren't used so frequently but you should have a document ready to be printed and put into use.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    5 Musicians Who Overcame Poverty to Become SuperstarsPoverty prev
    Everybody knows the path to rock glory is not an easy one. It takes talent (sometimes), years of hard work, determination, and more than a little bit of luck. But for some, there was even more to it than that. Some stars had to overcome years of poverty in addition to everything else. Here are just a few of them.Read More…
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    A Musician's Introduction to CopyrightCopyright
    Copyright is an important topic for every musician that is serious about his work. It is also a dangerous topic to comment on. Firstly, it is a confusing web of legal issues that keeps many lawyers employed - and I am not a lawyer. And secondly, copyright law varies from country to country - though many countries have now standardized. So don’t take this article as legal advice. Hopefully it will offer sensible advice to musicians in most countries. I advise you to do some research of your own, and consider paying someone qualified for some real legal advice.Read More…
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    Creative Commons for Musicians: Can You Make Money by Giving Music Away?Creativecommons
    Last month we had a look at your rights as a music producer: copyright. This week we’ll check out why you may not want to reserve all of your rights. Creative Commons is all about a middle way: “Some rights reserved.” What exactly is Creative Commons, and how can not enforcing all of your rights be a good thing?Read More…
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    The Role of the Producer in the StudioProducer
    The producer has a job that consists of many roles. Some of them happen in the studio, and some of them don’t. I’m going to spend a few articles talking about the various roles in the studio and what to expect from those fulfilling them. These aren’t going to be job descriptions; we’re going to look at the interactions that take place in the studio environment and how to make the most of them.Read More…
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    The Role of the Engineer in the StudioEngineer
    The producer, whose role we discussed last week, usually has a henchman that we call the studio engineer. In some cases, particularly those cases where the budget is limited or the producer likes to be involved in all aspects of the production, the one person fulfills both roles.Read More…
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    The Role of the Musician in the StudioSinging
    At the most basic level, the role of the musician in the studio is to deliver a performance of high quality that can be released to the world (or at the very least, be turned into something that can be released). But the studio can be a daunting place for many musicians, and as a performer there’s a fair bit of pressure on you to, well… perform. Here’s some advice to help you get a grip on your role in the studio and how to make the session productive, effective and comfortable.Read More…
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    The Role of the Manager in the StudioManager
    When it comes to the role of the manager in the studio, the first question to ask is: should managers be in the studio at all? At the end of the day, it depends on whether the artist is comfortable with their presence. Forgetting the manager’s professional role for a moment, an artist’s good performance in the studio depends on many factors and that includes whether they feel comfortable expressing their creativity in front of those certain individuals they’re with at the time. This is a personal matter, not a professional one.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    The Business Side of Building a Home StudioMusic and audio
    It's all well and good to set up a home studio in your spare bedroom just for fun. But if you are thinking about doing it for profit, you are essentially opening up a business, which requires a whole new way of thinking. You might be fine with your girlfriend's stuff scattered around the room from time to time, her shoes getting in the way of your microphone stands but your clients might not be so receptive. A home recording studio, like any small business, needs a plan to succeed. If you don't put at least something down resembling a game plan for your “for-profit” home studio, you plan to fail. And we don't want that.Read More…