Editing Audio: The Complete Guide

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Editing audio can be quick and handy, or long and arduous. It is an essential skill that can make a tremendous difference to the final track. Modern DAWs give you almost unlimited editing power and flexibility. Here is a collection of tuts that help you make the most of that power.

They range from general tips that introduce you to the concept of editing, to very specific advanced tutorials that teach you best practice and unexpected applications. Work through them in order, or jump to the tut that most interests you.

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  • Audio Production
    The Good, Bad & the Ugly About Audio EditingPreview
    Audio editing makes me yawn. The thought of it evokes feelings of tediousness and boredom. Audio editing makes me think of menial and repetitive tasks that take away from the creative aspects of audio production. Perhaps you might think that way too? But we would both be wrong.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: 10 Quick Editing TipsPreview
    Usually, editing is overlooked as a part of audio production. It's not that engineers don't know what it is, it's just that it's looked at the same way a chef would look at doing the dishes. It's boring. It's tedious and tiresome to go through each and every track to spot the glitches, pops and abnormal volume changes. That said, here are some effective editing tips you can keep in mind the next time you finished recording and are deciding to dive into the mixing phase.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Song Editing in Logic ProQuick%20song%20editing%20in%20logic%20200x200
    In this screencast David Bergman shows you how to do some quick song editing in Logic Pro, including fades.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Quick Tip: Refining the Details in Your Audio ProductionPreview
    Have you ever wondered about what a mastering engineer thinks of the mixes he's given? The details he hears that the producer missed? The things he wished were fixed during tracking and production? Well, today you find out.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Make a Crazy Drum and Bass Breakbeat by Slicing and Dicing in FL StudioAmenbreak
    You may have witnessed Drum & Bass's dramatic evolution over the past decade. From it's Jungle origins Drum & Bass has now matured into a genre that overflows with adrenaline, excitement, strong production values and an intensity rarely found in music today. To think all of this began with the a spark of inspiration and some drum-solos (breakbeats) sampled from black soul and funk recordings of the early 1960's.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Layer Based vs Destructive Audio EditingPreview
    Simple editing such as fades, trims and normalisation is normally destructive, making it difficult to undo just part of what you've done. Layer based editing is non-destructive, making it possible to selectively undo your edits. In this screencast tutorial, Mo Volans contrasts editing in Wavelabs 7 and Soundtrack Pro to show you the difference.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Editing And Using .REX FilesPreview
    Would you like to edit clean transients in a flexible, non-destructive way? In this video tutorial, Mo Volans teaches you how to use .REX files in Propellerhead's ReCycle to do just that. You'll also learn how easy it is to graphically edit your loops in Reason's Dr.Octo Rex. Enjoy!Read More…
  • Mixing & Mastering
    How to Edit All Your Takes At Once in Logic Pro 9Clapper
    Let’s say you’ve just finished a day of tracking and you have a whole bunch of takes for one vocal part thanks to Logic’s comping feature. But at the last minute it’s decided that two lines should be switched around for creative reasons, or a certain word should be sung closer to the beat. It would be a waste of time and money to go back to the tracking phase, but it’s going to be hard to choose the best comp without being able to preview the changes. How do you edit them all at once so you can judge each take? Logic Pro 9 allows you to do so.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    An Objective Look at Object Oriented EditingMusic and audio
    You have heard about it, nearly every DAW on the market today seems to have it, yet you haven't really tried it. I am of course talking about Object Oriented Editing, the audio engineers gift from the gods! It is object oriented editing that extends to us the ability to edit takes, adjust volume of a particular words, and adjust EQ or compression all dynamically without touching automation. And to top it all off? It is a non-destructive and non-linear process to boot! Read More…
  • Open Mic
    Open Mic: Tell Us About Your Favorite Audio Editing TechniquesOpenmic
    Modern DAWs give you a huge amount of control and flexibility when editing audio. You can chop it up and move it around, delete noises, comp the best parts, and even adjust timing. Editing can be long and arduous, but makes a huge difference. What are your favorite audio editing techniques? Let us know in the comments!Read More…