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11 Videos to Improve Your Vocal Microphone Technique

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This post is part of a series called How to Choose and Use Microphones.
Quick Tip: Microphone Basics—Dynamic and Condenser

To get a great vocal sound you need an amazing voice, the right microphone, and correct mic technique. Here are 10 Youtube videos that will improve your vocal microphone technique, and one that's just for fun.

There is a lot of variety in these videos. Most are for the studio, some are for live singing. Some are for the vocalist, others for the engineer. Most are advice, some are demonstrations. And the last one is just for fun. But it really happened!

1. Microphone Techniques: Tips & Tricks

"This video gives some useful tips & tricks to using microphones, and making better audio recordings for podcasts, class projects and digital storytelling."

2. Microphone Technique

"How to use a microphone, some tips and hints to help you get started."

3. Adam Farrell Recording a Vocal Take

"Adam Farrell showing how he might record a vocal track when producing his own music."

4. Zenya Recording Session

"Zenya records some vocal tracks."

5. How to Record Vocals Quick Tip Number 1

"Where to Record the Vocals: Learn how to record audio."

6. Vocal Mike Positions

"Microphone positioning. How to position the mic for different vocal tones."

7. Vocals Microphone Placement 1

This video shows how the use of different microphones and microphone placement on a vocal can have a varying effect. Notice how the sound changes as the microphones are moved. Notice how different the microphones sound from each other. Listen to how you can hear more of the room as the microphone moves further away. Go to for more information about audio recording and microphone placement.

8. How To Sing to Mic Recording Studio Video Podcast

"Welcome to the 2nd episode of our video podcast here at Sound Weavers. This episode is titled How to Use or Sing to the Mic in the Recording Studio and features a guest singer/vocalist D-Ann Griarte who will demonstrate her singing talent and microphone technique/skills."

9. Microphone Techniques With Rodney Saulsberry

"Voice-Over actor and best selling author Rodney Saulsberry takes us through a series of microphone techniques in this short video clip. This presentation is an excerpt from his audio book, 'You Can Bank on Your Voice; Your Guide to a Successful Career in Voice-Overs."

10. Recording Vocals with 2 Mics

"Recording vocals with a Cardiod tude mic(AT4060) and an Omni mic(KSM 44). Mix the 2 mics to your taste. The song is called Happy Man from a current session at Jebtech Recording. Written and played by The Barnyard Cocks."

11. Singer in Recording Session

"Kimberly Austin, new recording artist, trying to figure out how to use microphone in studio. Unbelievable! This is how bad it has gotten."

Which video did you find most helpful? Do you know of other good mic technique tutorials? Let us know in the comments.

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