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15 Best Royalty-Free Cinematic Music Packs of 2019

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To help you find the best possible music for your next project, I have collected a list of the 15 best royalty-free cinematic music packs of 2019.

1. Sentimental Pack

First up on my list of the best royalty-free cinematic music packs is a pack that contains tracks that are sure to inspire. All of your classic orchestral elements are in the three tracks that are in this pack. Each track will help lift your next audiovisual project to a new level! 

2. The Epical Sports Music Pack

"The Epical Sports Music Pack" contains three epic cinematic tracks that will give your audience a memorable experience. These tracks create a feeling of success, emotion, and resilience that can be suited for a wide range of mediums such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and corporate videos. 

3. Cinematic and Documentary Pack

"Cinematic and Documentary Pack" is the ideal background music to use for films, history videos, education videos, podcasts, and TV. Add these cinematic background music tracks to your project now!

4. Hollywood Action Trailer Pack

The title of this pack says it all. If you are looking to create a Hollywood like production, then this pack is for you. Suspense, intensity, excitement are just a few of the emotions that you will experience when listening to this blockbuster pack. 

5. Ultimate Horror Trailer Pack

Looking to add a little horror to your multimedia projects. Whether you are creating a trailer, commercial, video game, or horror movie, this bone-chilling royalty-free cinematic pack will be just what you need. 

Cinematic Music PacksCinematic Music PacksCinematic Music Packs

6. Grand Opening Fanfares

The Grand Opening Fanfares music pack contains three award-winning cinematic tracks that are all sure to impress. Motivate and inspire your audience with these high-quality productions.  

7. Acoustic Uplifting Strings Pack

Bring a sense of freedom and hope to your next audiovisual project with this music pack. Pianos, guitars, strings, and cinematic drums are the instrumentation that you can expect in the three-track pack. 

8. Epic Cinematic Pack

Capture a mood of cinematic, uplifting, heroic, and epic with "Epic Cinematic Pack." This pack will be best suited for commercials, movie trailers, ads, and any promotional content.

9. Inspiring Epic Cinematic Uplifting Pack

Out of all the inspiration music packs on this list, this one will to your multimedia projects to a completely new level. Hit the play button and see for yourself!

10. Inspirational and Emotional Cinematic Piano Pack

Sophistication, suspense, and sense of true harmony are what you can expect from this royalty-free cinematic music pack. Let the sweet sound of an acoustic piano help guide your next multimedia project. 

11. Powerful Short-form Music Pack

"Powerful Short-form Music Pack" takes the audience on a suspenseful and intense ride. This pack features three high impact tracks that fit nicely in any collection. 

12. Wind Of Changes

Bring that epic blockbuster movie atmosphere to your next project with "Wind Of Changes." The tracks in this pack feature all the classic cinematic instruments.  

13. Cinematic Trailer Pack

This pack can be summed up in one word, drama. If the royalty-free cinematic songs in this pack don't excite your audience then nothing will. Hit the play button and hear for yourself just how powerful these songs are. 

14. Epic Orchestra Pack

You can picture the hero saving the day when listening to "Epic Orchestra Pack." Add these uplifting royalty-free cinematic songs to your multimedia project as a background song now!

15. Emotional Piano Music Pack

This last music pack on our list rounds out our selections nicely. "Emotional Piano Music Pack" adds sophistication, inspiration, and hope. Placing one of these songs on your next project is sure to make it a success.


The 15 royalty-free cinematic music packs are just a small selection of the thousands of cinematic songs available at AudioJungle

If none of the mentioned music tracks fit your audiovisual project, then there are plenty of other options from you to choose from on AudioJungle.

If you are looking to improve your own music production skills, then check out all the in-depth music and audio tutorials on Envato Tuts.

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