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15 Best Royalty-Free Classical Music Tracks of 2019

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If you’re looking for the perfect music tracks for videos, advertisements, slideshows or podcasts, the classical music section of AudioJungle has just what you need. 

Classical music, is a diverse genre that is able to convey a wide range of emotions making it an excellent genre to choose for your audiovisual project. All the music on AudioJungle is royalty-free and is ready to add to your projects. 

Even if you're a music producer, you can still purchase these royalty-free tacks and save time and energy.

Below I've listed 15 of the best royalty-free classical music tracks of 2019 for you to consider.

1. Inspiring Solo Piano

'Inspiring Solo Piano' is a beautiful piano solo with a flowing melody. This track will work perfectly in any project that you want to a sense of inspiration and progression. 

2. I Am Victorious

This royalty-free classical music track begins with a single piano and crescendos into an epic cinematic piece. In this song, you will find strings, choirs, tympani drums, flutes, and horns.

3. Into the Light

This royalty-free classical track features a piano, strings, and a celesta. The quick arpeggios and floating melody will give your next audiovisual project a more sophisticated atmosphere. 

4. Uplifting Emotional Inspiring Piano Wedding

Picture yourself in a movie scene where you're making progress and accomplishing goals. 'Uplifting Emotional Inspiring Piano Wedding,' puts you right into this type of scene. This makes it the perfect song to add to a multimedia project.

5. Emotional Piano Adventure Wedding Dramatic

'Emotional Piano Adventure Wedding Dramatic' starts out with an arpeggio piano and builds into a cinematic hit. This track works well for commercials, trailers, and emotional videos.

6. Dream Sonata Inspiring Piano

This mesmerizing solo piano piece gradually guides you through a truly stunning melancholic piece. This royalty-free classical music track is great for setting a mood of hopefulness, determination, and sacrifice. 

7. Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano and String

While this track is perfect for a wedding as the title suggests, it may be used for a range of audiovisual projects. The emotional piano and cinematic strings make this a great choice for photo slides, time-lapses, and presentations. 


8. Becoming

This royalty-free classical music track is an absolute winner. By listening to 'Becoming,' you'll feel that you can achieve anything.

9. Health, Happiness & Success

This royalty-free classical song starts out with arpeggio pianos and is then built up with cinematic strings. This classical track adds depth, power, and interest to a project.

10. Fanfare and Theme for Sporting Heroes

If you want to add a festive celebration type atmosphere to a multimedia project, this is the background music you need.  

11. Sadness

This piece evokes a very dramatic and sad scene. It's reflective, melancholic, and gives you the sense of loss. As the title suggests, it's ideal for any project that you want to give sadness to. 

12. Sparkle

'Sparkle' is a contemporary classical music track with an edge. This royalty-free classical song will surely pique the interest of your audience. 

13. Violin

The title says it all. There are two fast-paced spiccato violins that play the main theme of this piece. As the song progresses, a cello and a trio of strings come in to add increasing power and excitement. 

14. Discovery Inspirational Piano

'Discovery Inspirational Piano' is a powerful haunting piano solo. As the song progresses, so does the melody. Use this royalty-free classical music track in any project that needs a little drama. 

15. The Power of Inspiration

'The Power of Inspiration' is an inspiring modern-day piano song. It contains a catchy theme that is full of complex emotions such as pleasure, hopefulness, confidence, and happiness. This uplifting piece will work well in commercials, films, and videos. 


These 15 royalty-free best-selling classical music tracks of 2019 represent just only a small portion of the thousands of classical music tracks available at AudioJungle.

If the above royalty-free tracks don't quite t fit your needs, head on over to AudioJungle and search through the library.

If you're looking to improve your own music production skills then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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