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15 Best Royalty-Free Drum and Bass and Breakbeat Music Tracks of 2019

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The music chosen in audiovisual project has a huge impact on how the video is perceived. Reflecting the mood and atmosphere, it can dictate the success of a project

Many multimedia projects are looking for an uplifting and exciting vibe. The Drum and Bass and Breakbeat genres give a level of excitement and up-tempo vibe that other genres can not.

In this article, I've collated 15 of the best royalty-free Drum and bass and Breakbeat music tracks on AudioJungle that you can add to your projects.

1. Extreme Sport

Bring excitement to an audiovisual project. This royalty-free drum and bass and breakbeat track features an edgy guitar riff and larger than life sounding drums that are sure to catch an audience's attention. 

2. Dramatic Trailer & Sport Big Beat

This dramatic drum and bass and breakbeat song is great for adding a sense of power and intensity to your next multimedia project. Staccato violins, chunky beats, and gritty bassline are what make up this royalty-free song. 

3. Let's Go Have Fun

I can picture this royalty-free track in a corporate multimedia project. If you are looking to inject positivity and a carefree vibe to your project, then choose 'Let's Go Have Fun.'

4. Epic Sport Rock Trailer

The theatrical orchestral arrangement and hard-hitting drums make 'Epic Sport Rock Trailer' a must-have for your next audiovisual project. Add suspense and drama that works so well in audiovisual projects. 

5. Born To Be Big

Give a multimedia project a lift with this upbeat drum and bass and breakbeat song. Live drums, funk guitars, a quick piano progression, and a jamming bassline. 

6. Energetic Funky Beats

'Energetic Funky Beats' is sure to brighten the mood of whoever listens to it. It's summertime, fun, and infectious vibe bringing an audiovisual project to life.  

7. Climbing Higher

Get ready to motivate and inspire audiences with 'Climbing Higher'. This royalty-free drum and bass and breakbeat track has a catchy vocal line backed by a groovy instrumental track that's sure to impress.  

Drum SetDrum SetDrum Set

8. Big Beat Generation

This royalty-free song makes a great musical accompaniment to any presentation. The groovy drums, melodic guitars, and bright trumpets are the perfect complement to a YouTube video, corporate video, or lifestyle video. 

9. Shadow Land

'Shadow Land' is a serious song that has an edge to it. This song is perfect for any video wanting to show progression in the visuals. 

10. Shooby Dooba Upbeat Fun

This track lightens the mood of any audiovisual project. Whether it's for corporate projects, film projects, or background music, this song adds a bit of fun.  

11. Commercial Party Beats

This royalty-free drum and bass and breakbeat song has a retro feel to it. This vintage track is suitable for fun videos, advertisements, commercials, and many more. The instruments include horns, a groovy bassline, DJ scratches, and funky beats.

12. Bring the Fun

'Bring the Fun' has just what you need to create a positive and energetic vibe for a project. This track contains a catchy piano, horn riffs, and a few quirky sound effects. 

13. Action Sport Drum and Bass

This modern drum and bass track has a catchy melody, a fast-paced groove, uplifting synths, and melodic vocal effects. This track is a great addition to a sports video, extreme video, travel projects, or any advertisement. 

14. Sport

If you want to bring more power, thrills, and energy to an audiovisual project, then 'Sport' is your go-to track. This upbeat and aggressive breakbeat song takes things to the next level. 

15. Sun Smile 

Last on my list is 'Sun Smile.' This song contains the classic breakbeat, melodic guitars, and an electronic bassline that will make a great addition to a wide range of multimedia projects. 


These 15 royalty-free, Best-Selling drum and bass and breakbeat music tracks of 2019 represent only a very small selection of the thousands of drum and bass and breakbeat music tracks available at AudioJungle.

Remember to head on over to AudioJungle and browse through the massive library for more.

If you're looking to improve your own skills in creating or editing your own music, then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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