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15 Best Royalty-Free Folk and Acoustic Music Tracks of 2019

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Whether you're working on a YouTube video, vlog, slideshow, or podcast, folk and acoustic music are sure to improve the project.

In this article, I've collected 15 of the best royalty-free folk and acoustic music tracks on AudioJungle.

1. Acoustic Indie Folk

First up on my list is a feel-good royalty free folk and acoustic track that fits perfectly in any project that needs a bit of positivity. 

2. Quirky, Bright and Fun

You can picture yourself walking down the street on a beautiful bright and sunny day with this royalty-free song. Add a little bit of sunshine and happiness to your next multimedia project with 'Quirky, Bright, and Fun.'

3. Acoustic Uplifting Happy Inspiring

Catchy piano and guitar melodies, a subtle groove, and a warm bass-line feature in this royalty-free folk and acoustic music track. 

4. Inspiring Upbeat Uplifting Indie Folk

This indie-folk type song can easily be atop the music charts. Give your next multimedia project that happy go lucky vibe with 'Inspiring Upbeat Uplifting Indie Folk.'

5. The Cutest Story

The song starts out with a sweet guitar melody that slowly crescendos into a soothing and uplifting song. Give this royalty-free folk and acoustic song a listen. 

6. Happ

'Happ' features a relaxed guitar melody and groovy rhythmic drums that will make a great addition to any corporate video or advertisement. 

7. Spring

The title says it all. Images of the first day of spring immediately pop up in your head when listening to 'Spring.' This is great for any multimedia project that needs to be welcoming and friendly.

8. Won't Let This Moment Pass Us By

This royalty-free folk and acoustic song is a hit. The beautiful vocals, banjo, and groovy drums are sure to impress your audience. 

9. Clapping Ukulele

Catchy whistling, a happy piano melody, and the blissful strumming of a Ukulele are what you can find in this royalty-free song. 

folk acoustic guitarsfolk acoustic guitarsfolk acoustic guitars

10. Upbeat and Fun Summer Ukulele

We had a springtime folk and acoustic song on this best-of list and now we have a summertime one. Give this one a listen and you will hear why this is the perfect summertime tune. 

11. Fun

GIve an uplifting and positive vibe into your audience with 'Fun.' Whistling, rhythmic guitars, and a fast-paced beat. Fantastic.

12. Upbeat Indie Folk

This royalty-free folk and acoustic song features a more melodic and spacey atmosphere than most other tracks in this genre. This is the perfect song to motivate your audience to take action. 

13. This Is My Year

The soulful vocals in this song alone make it worth a download. Listen to this song and add it to your next audiovisual project now!

14. A Happy Beautiful Day

You'll not have a care in the world when listening to this royalty-free folk and acoustic song. Do yourself a favor and give this song a download.

15. Deep Thoughts

Last on my list is a calming and relaxing folk and acoustic song that transforms any multimedia project that it is used in. 'Deep Thoughts' is a versatile song that can take your audience through a wide range of emotions. 


The 15 royalty-free folk and acoustic music tracks listed above represent only a very small selection of the thousands of folk and acoustic music tracks available at AudioJungle.

Remember to head on over to AudioJungle and browse through the massive library for more.

If you're looking to improve your own skills in creating or editing your own music, then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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