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15 Best Royalty-Free Funk and Groove Music Tracks of 2019

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In this article, I've collected 15 of the best royalty-free Funk-and-Groove music tracks from AudioJungle so you can add only the best to a multimedia project.

1. Fun & Quirky Upbeat Retro

'Fun & Quirky Upbeat Retro' is a royalty-free background music track that has a fun and funky groove. This one's sure to lighten the mood in any multimedia project.

2. True Fun Maker

Kick an audiovisual project off with a bang. This royalty-free Funk-and-Groove track delivers an upbeat start and keeps the energy high. Flutes, organs, trumpets, guitars, and drums are the instruments found in this song. 

3. Funky Brothers

'Funky Brothers' is an inspiring track with a thick beat, heavy distorted bass guitar, funky guitars, a quick piano progression, and trumpets playing a staccato rhythm. This makes a perfect background, intro, or outro track for any project. 

4. Funky Boom

'Funky Boom' is a royalty-free Funk-and-Groove track that has an easy going vibe that can work as background music for your next multimedia project. 

5. Upbeat & Energetic Funky Groove

'Upbeat & Energetic Funky Groove' is a smooth Funk-and-Groove Music track that features a funky guitar, electronic beats, and organs.

6. Upbeat Funk Commercial

Picture yourself in a movie scene from the 70s where you are strolling down the street in style with this track. Add a bit of groove and flare to your next audiovisual project with 'Upbeat Funk commercial.'

7. Panic at the Casino

This royalty-free funk song makes you feel like you're standing right next to Danny Ocean in the Oceans Eleven movie. The quick-paced bass-line and upbeat trumpets in this track make quite the background song. 

8. Gimme Beat

Chunky beats, scattered trumpets, hip hip scratching effects, an electronic bass-line, and a soothing flute are the instruments that 'Gimme Beat' feature. This song won't disappoint, so press play and let the music take over!

9. That Funky Feeling

This classic Funk-and-Groove track is a must-have if you're looking to bring an old school vibe to a multimedia project. 

10. Rush

A royalty-free Funk-and-Groove song with a bit of an edge, 'Rush' is an optimal choice for adding an aural sense of excitement into a project. 

11. Show Opener

The title of this royalty-free Funk-and-Groove song says it all. Open an audiovisual project with a festive atmosphere. 

12. Da Groove

'Da Groove' combines the Funk-and-Groove genre with electronic music. You'll find all the classic instruments of the style in this track with an added electronic twist. 

13. Disco

This Funk-and-Groove royalty-free song starts with a bass guitar and kick and transitions to a funky guitar line. If you're looking for a song that delivers all the elements of a disco song, give this track a listen.

14. Casino

Listening to this song makes you feel like you're entering one of Las Vegas's luxurious casinos. If you wish to add a sophisticated and optimistic vibe to your next audiovisual project, choose 'Casino.'

15. Twist

Last on the list is 'Twist.' This late night groovy song makes a great addition to a project needing to convey a light but serious tone. 


These 15 best royalty-free Funk-and-Groove music tracks are just a small sample of the thousands of tracks available on AudioJungle. If any of these 15 tracks above does not work for your next project, head on over to the funk and groove section of AudioJungle  

If you are looking to take a hands-on experience to your musical productions and get involved in the creating and editing process, check out some of the in-depth music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has to offer.

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