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15 Best Royalty-Free House Music Packs of 2019

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Whether you're working on an advertisement, vlog, slideshow, or podcast, adding house music to your project will give your visuals more meaning. 

In this article, I've collected 15 of the best royalty-free house music packs on AudioJungle.

1. Successful House Pack

First up on my list is a royalty-free house pack that contains three happy and energetic tunes. These songs are ideal for commercials and YouTube videos. 

2. Fashion House Pack

Give your next audiovisual project a smooth and sexy groove with "Fashion House Pack." You can expect rhythmic guitars, melodic pianos, tropical house plucks, and the classic four on the floor beat in these music tracks. 

3. Deep House Pack 1

"Deep House Pack 1" features 3 beautifully crafted soulful house songs. This house music pack is perfect for presentations, fashion shows, background music, YouTube videos, podcasts, and even DJ playlists. 

4. Fashion Music Pack

Don't let the title of this pack fool you. Not only can the three tracks in this pack work in your next fashion multimedia project, but can fit in a wide range of projects. Give this pack a listen and you will see why it is such a great addition to your next multimedia project. 

5. Fashion House Pack 2

Looking to add a sense of style to your next project. The groovy keys, classic beats, and uplifting vibe will give your next project a summertime atmosphere.

6. Fitness Motivation Pack

This royalty-free house music pack is the ideal music to add to any project that needs to inspire your audience. The songs featured in this pack contain, house drums, synths, strings, and keys. 

7. Swedish House Pack

"Swedish House Pack" is a collection of club and festival house music tracks that raises the energy of any project. 

8. House 4 pack

Let this house pack take your audience on an unforgettable journey. The smooth beats and funky synths are sure to add a sense of sophistication and excitement to your next project. 

House MusicHouse MusicHouse Music

9. Fashion Music Bundle

"Fashion Music Bundle" includes four house tracks. These tracks will work great in any fashion video and show, YouTube video, TV, slideshows, or any other multimedia projects.

10. Pop House Pack

Give your audiovisual project a modern sound with this three-track royalty-free House music pack. Beautiful synths, compelling bass-lines, and pop beats are what you can expect from this pack. 

11. Best Sellers Pack

The "Best Seller Pack" is a collection of four summertime dance tracks that makes an impact in your next project. Whether you are working on a slideshow, advertisement or podcast, these tracks can find their way into your project. 

12. Fashion Week Pack

This royalty-free house music pack is not just suitable for your fashion projects. The progressive house like plucks and intricate melodies in this pack make it a perfect fit for your next multimedia project.

13. Fashion Beauty Pack

Class and style are what come to mind when listening to this pack. Get your audience into the groove with this must-have royalty-free house music pack. 

14. Summer House Pack

"Summer House Pack" gives you a blend of deep house elements with the classic four on the floor beat. Let this pack take you off into the sunset!

15. Beautiful Day Pack

Last up on our list is a chilled-out house pack. Deep melodies, inspirational chord progressions, and lush sounds are what you will hear in this blissful pack. 


These 15 royalty-free house music packs of 2019 represent only a very small selection of the thousands of house music packs and tracks available at AudioJungle.

Remember to head on over to AudioJungle and browse through the massive library for more.

If you're looking to improve your own skills in creating or editing your own music, then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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