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15 Best Royalty-Free Music Tracks of 2019

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Whether you have a YouTube channel, just starting a podcast, or creating an advertisement video for your company, you will need to add compelling royalty-free music that fits your particular project.

To help you find the perfect music for your next project, I've compiled a list of the 15 best royalty-free music tracks of 2019 that you have never heard of. 

1. Game Show Music

To start off the list of the best music tracks that you never heard of, I present a classic game show tune. This is the type of music that is played when the contestant is thinking of the answer. This royalty-free track can be used to create suspense in any audiovisual project.

2. Happy Trailer

Simplicity, sophistication, and of course happiness are what you will feel when listening to this uplifting royalty-free song. 

3. Summer of 67

'Summer of 67' is a blast from the past. Give your next multimedia project an old school upbeat vibe. 

4. Retro Game 8 bit Music

This video game song is the perfect accompaniment to any project that needs a light-hearted atmosphere. This royalty-free song will work well in podcasts, YouTube videos, and vlogs.  

5. Epic Sport Energy

Excitement, passion, and drama are the name of the game for this thrilling song. Fast-paced strings and electronic beats are what you'll hear in this royalty-free song. 

6. 8-Bit Dubstep

Next up on our list is another 8-bit video game song that contains all the classic 8-bit electronic elements. However, this song has a quicker pace which is sure to add a bit of energy to whatever audiovisual project you use it in. 

7. Whistling

'Whistling' adds a cheerful atmosphere to your next multimedia project. The track contains whistling, piano and guitar melodies, and a kazoo.

8. Hypersonic Synth Theme

This royalty-free song adds a bit of attitude to any medium that you put it in. The rhythmic guitar is the main focus of this song which is accompanied by electronic synths and drums.

Love of MusicLove of MusicLove of Music

9. Cartoon

This cartoony song  transforms audiovisual projects into a Sunday morning cartoon. This song works well in any audiovisual project that needs to have some sort of comedic segment. 

10. Quiz Millionaire Set

Based on the show, "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire", this royalty-free song adds tension and suspense that is perfect for any video or audio project that needs added drama.

11. Retro Game Music

'Retro Game Music' makes you feel like you are playing an old Super Mario arcade game. This arcade game type song has more of a happy go lucky vibe in it than the previous ones.

12. Basketball Beat

This unique track is sure to spice up your latest project. The entire song is based around basketball sounds that come together to create a rhythmic and intricate song. 

13. Curious Silence

'Curious Slice' is the ideal song to add to any project where you are explaining or showing something interesting to your audience. The combination of this song and your video will have the audience hooked.

14. Funky 4

'Funky 4' showcases a classic distorted rock guitar that builds up into one rocking tune. Add fun and excitement to your next audiovisual project with this royalty-free song. 

15. Creative Advertise

Not only is this royalty-free track great for adding to any advertisement, but it is great for any YouTube video, slideshow, and podcast. Let this inspiring tune leave a positive impact on your audience. 


These 15 best royalty-free tracks that you never heard of are just a small portion of the thousands of tracks available on AudioJungle. If the 15 tracks listed above do not fit in any of your projects, then be sure to head on over to AudioJungle to find music that does.

If you're looking to take a hands-on experience to your musical productions and get involved in the creating and editing process, check out some of the in-depth music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has to offer.

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