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15 Best Royalty-Free Percussion Music Tracks of 2019

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The percussion music genre works great for any audiovisual project that needs to have a lasting impact on its audience. 

In this article, I’ve gathered a list of the 15 best royalty-free percussion music tracks of 2019 that you'll find on AudioJungle.

1. Soccer

I'm starting off this best-of list with a festive royalty-free percussion music track. This track  injects energy into any project. 

2. Percussive Opener

This song is great for any project that needs an impactful opening. The track starts out with floor-shaking stomps and distant-sounding stick percussion and then transforms into a full percussion track.

3. Action Drums

After listening to just five seconds of this royalty-free percussion track you feel like you are in an action movie. Suspense, thrill, danger, and excitement are all emotions that can be felt from this heart-pounding percussion song. 

4. Percussive Drums Action Trailer

This is another song that can easily be used in an action film, but can be used in a variety of other media projects. 'Percussive Drums Action Trailer' is ideal for advertisements, vlogs, and podcasts.

5. Hybrid Groovebox

'Hybrid Groovebox' is an incredibly catchy percussion song that catches the attention of anyone who listens to it. Combine this song with some quick-paced video editing and you'll create a memorable experience for the audience. 

6. Sport Drums

Drum sticks and heavy stomping are the main elements used in 'Sport Drums.' Give your next project a sense of suspense and power with this royalty-free percussion music track. 

7. Typography Action Drums & Claps

This song is ideal to use in any type of advertisement that wants to generate some excitement around a particular product. 

Again, the editing of the video combined with this track will lead to an entertaining multimedia project.

8. Action Sport Energetic Percussion

This royalty-free percussion track not only features classic percussion music elements, but it contains small electronic effects that add extra depth and dimension to the track. This is a must-have percussion track. 

Percussion MusicPercussion MusicPercussion Music

9. Clap Stomp Commercial

'Clap Stomp Commercial' can not only be used in commercials, but it can be used in any YouTube video or slideshow that needs a driving rhythm. 

10. Percussion Stomp Clap

This royalty-free percussion track has a nice progression to it. The track gives you a wide range of energy levels and includes pauses in the track that will help build anticipation in an audiovisual project. 

11. Favela Do Brazil

This percussion track makes you feel like you are in the streets of Brazil during a festival! Give an audiovisual project a festive vibe with 'Favela Do Brazil.'

12. To Clap

Give your next multimedia project some attitude with 'To Clap.' This track features clap and snap rhythms that will get anyone out of their seat and dancing!

13. Big Typo Stomp, Drums and Claps

This royalty-free percussion song has a little bit of a slower tempo than the other tracks. This allows you to add energy to your multimedia project without the pace being too frantic. 

14. Boom Clap

'Boom Clap' features a simple rhythm that slowly progresses into one groovy song. Give this royalty-free percussion track a listen. 

15. Powerful Action Junk Yard Percussion

Last on our list is a real powerhouse percussion track. Listening to this song gives you a feeling that something epic is going to happen. Use this song in any YouTube video, slideshow, or podcast. 


The 15 royalty-free percussion music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of percussion songs available at AudioJungle

If none of the mentioned music tracks suit your audiovisual project, then there are plenty of other options from you to choose from on AudioJungle.

If you are looking to improve your own music production skills, then check out all the in-depth music and audio tutorials on Envato Tuts.

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