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15 Best Royalty-Free Soul and R&B Music Packs of 2019

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To help you find the perfect music for your next project, I've compiled a list of the 15 best royalty-free soul and R&B music tracks of 2019 that you've never heard of. 

1. Fashion Soul Pack

First up on my list is "Fashion Soul Pack." If you are looking to add a relaxed and chilled-out vibe to your next audiovisual project, check out this pack. 

2. Retro Pack

The royalty-free pack, "Retro" is a blast from the past. Give your next audiovisual project an old school vibe with the three funky tracks included

3. Luxury Fashion Soul House Pack

Give your next multimedia project a feeling of serenity with this divine music pack. These tracks are ideal for commercials, radio, fashion videos, news and much more.

4. Fashion Chill Hip-Hop Pack

"Fashion Chill Hip-Hop" features melodic guitars, groovy hip-hop beats, and an old school feel. Use the three tracks in this pack to create an unforgettable experience for your audience. 

5. Fashion Lounge RnB Pack

House beats, vocal chops, stylish pianos, and plucked guitars are what you can expect in this royalty-free soul and R&B music pack. 

Bass GuitarBass GuitarBass Guitar

6. Chill Hip-Hop Pack

"Chill Hip-Hop" is a royalty-free atmospheric soul and R&B music pack that is sure to give your audience a memorable experience. Let the groove and rhythm of this pack take over!

7. Beautiful Guitar Beats Pack

Melodic guitars are at the center of this pack. Give your next YouTube video, presentation, slideshow, or podcast a compelling laid back acoustic guitar vibe.  

8. Relax Lux Soul Pack

Create a warm and vibrant atmosphere with the royalty-free music pack, "Relax Lux Soul." Beautiful guitars, sweet piano chords, and a groovy drum section are what you can expect in this three-track pack. 

9. Fashion Lounge Beauty Pack

"Fashion Lounge Beauty" features electric guitars, lounge chord progressions, a driving beat, and groovy bass-lines. The three tracks in this pack will fit well in your next audiovisual project if you are looking to create a laid-back atmosphere. 

10. Soul Hip-Hop Music Pack

This music pack is filled with plenty of soul. The tracks in this pack give you that late-night vibe and are perfect for presenting information that you want your audience to be engaged with. Download this royalty-free soul and R&B music pack as it will not disappoint. 

11. Sexy Pack

This pack lives up to the name. If you are looking to add a smooth and sophisticated vibe to your next multimedia project, then this is the pack for you.

12. Relax Lux Soul Pack

When listening to this royalty-free soul and R&B music pack, you will feel like you are sitting in an upscale lounge. Add this pack to your collection now!

13. Upbeat Fashion Lounge Music Pack

The instruments that compose "Upbeat Fashion Lounge Music Pack" are electro guitars, basses, drums, synths. The collection of these instruments will give your audience an unforgettable atmosphere. 

14. Fashion Lounge RnB Pack

This royalty-free music soul and R&B music pack is great for presentations, slideshows, and much more. Let the smooth four on the floor beats entertain your audience.

15. R&B Pack Vol 2

Last up on my list is a royalty-free soul and R&B pack that does not disappoint. These tracks could easily be on top of the R&B music charts. 


The 15 royalty-free soul and R&B music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of soul and R&B songs available at AudioJungle

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