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15 Best Royalty-Free World Beat Music Tracks of 2019

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In this article, I've collected 15 of the best royalty-free world music beat tracks on AudioJungle.

1. Inspirational Africa

This title of the track says it all! Have a listen to this inspiring piece of music and add it to your next multimedia project now!

2. Istanbul Orient

This energetic and dynamic royalty-free world beat music track features a driving rhythm section, soothing flutes, acoustic guitars and various other ethnic instruments. Add this song to your next multimedia project that needs a lift in energy and excitement. 

3. Mariachi

"Mariachi" is your classic mariachi tune. The flavorful percussion, staccato trumpets, sweet guitar melodies, and quick-paced xylophone melodies will add that timeless mariachi band atmosphere to your next audiovisual project.

4. Energetic Japanese Festival Drums

"Energetic Japanese Festival Drums" adds that punch and power to whatever medium you place it on. Make a statement on your next multimedia project with this royalty-free world beat music track. 

5. Africa

"Africa" gives off a warm atmosphere that will bring your visuals into a positive light. Give this royalty-free song a listen and download!

6. A Nice Hawaiian Lei

You can easily picture yourself sitting on the beach in Hawaii with a tropical drink in your hands during a beautiful sunset when listening to this song. Give your next multimedia project a taste of a Hawaiian Lei with this royalty-free song. 

7. Eastern Charm

"Eastern Charm" gets you up out of your seat and dancing! The groove of the ethnic drums and quick-paced strings will add energy and excitement to any multimedia project you put it on. 

8. Uplifting Africa

Xylophones, ethnic flutes, heartwarming piano progressions, strings, and soothing tribal-like drums are what you will find in "Uplifting Africa."


9. Bossa Nova Elevator Music

Who doesn't like elevator music? Instantly transform the mood of your audience with this classic elevator song. 

10. China

Take a trip to the great land of China with this majestic royalty-free world beat song. "China" will work great in any YouTube video, commercial, podcast, or advertisement. 

11. India

Take a trip to the magical land of India with this royalty-free world beat track. "India" is great for adding a little spice to your multimedia projects. 

12. Italian

Sitting down at a romantic candlelit dinner table in Italy comes to mind when listening to this song. Bring that classic Italian atmosphere into your next project with "Italian."

13. Inspiring African Music

"Inspiring African Music" features authentic voices and instruments from Africa. The happy and positive vibes in this song made it ideal for any project that needs a mood lift. 

14. Ramadan

This uplifting middle eastern track can be used in a wide range of projects from slideshows, advertisements, and even podcasts. Add this tune to your collection now!

15. Indian Inspiration

Last up on our list is the royalty-free world beat track, "Indian Inspiration." This track features a sitar, flute, strings, electric guitar, percussion with a hip-hop beat that is sure to be a favorite for your audience.  


These 15 best royalty-free world beat music tracks are only a few of the thousands of tracks available on AudioJungle

If the above tracks do not seem to fit in any of your projects, then be sure to head on over to AudioJungle to find music that does.

If you're looking to take a hands-on experience to your musical productions and get involved in the creating and editing process, check out some of the in-depth music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has to offer.

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