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15 Best-Selling Classical Music Kits for Multimedia Projects

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Classical Music Kits for Personal Projects, Films, Promotional Videos and Slideshows

Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited into individual musical sections that can be rearranged, like building blocks, to create custom-timed and custom-structured pieces.

This means that, without musical or audio expertise or highly specialised audio software, you can create a professional finish to your soundtracks by dragging and dropping individual song sections to fit both the length of music your scenes require and the tempo progression needed.

Licensed for commercial and non-commercial use, photo by Susan Cipriano (susan-lu4esm)

15 of the Best-selling Classical Music Kits

1. Classical Advertising Kit

A serious-sounding and positive orchestral piece that perfectly suits a number of projects requiring an elegant, classical sound to had gravitas with an upbeat, inspirational mood.

2. Wedding Piano Kit

A beautiful, classical, piano composition that inspires the warmth of autumnal, sunny days with a quiet, calm positivity. Whilst entitled Wedding Piano Kit, there's no reason why this composition can not be used for a multitude of other, non-wedding, projects.

3. Cinematic Inspiration Kit

A cinematic, orchestral track to evoke a sense of adventure, dreams, hope, discovery, success, victory and triumph. A thoughtful piece that builds slowly into the realisation of the hopes and dreams.

4. Tea Time Kit

Quite the contrast to the selection so far. Tea Time Kit is a live recording of a string quintet. Billed as having a British vibe of a1920s afternoon-tea dance, this is beautiful harmony of Violin, Viola, and Cello.

5. Cinematic Epic Opener Kit

A powerful yet understated cinematic orchestral soundtrack. The sound has something of the BBC Line of Duty drama about it. A sophisticated Music Kit that would compliment many trailers, intros, presentations, commercials as it would a police drama.

6. In Baroque Kit

A positive and upbeat orchestral piece perfect for a slide show, historical documentaries and many other multimedia projects. Composed in the classical style of the 18th century, instruments include strings, flute, oboe and clarinet. 

7. Inspiring Acoustic and Uplifting Strings Kit

 Inspiring elements of freedom and hope, this Music Kit is composed in dreamy, cinematic, classic style associated with artists such as Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi, Johann Johansson, Philip Glass and Max Richter.

8. Spring Dance Kit

A classical, heart-warming track that is based on a live performance on a grand Steinway & Sons piano and accordion, In this Music Kit you can create versions with and without the leading accordion. Accompanied by pizzicato strings, contrabass and vibraphone, this is a pleasant and calming track.

9. Inspiring Piano and Orchestra Kit

A classical, orchestral track with an emotional atmosphere that evokes feelings of inspiration, hope, drama and tragedy. Synonymous with love, beauty, dreams, adventures and discovery. Perfect for inspirational videos, cinematic media projects and film trailers.

10. Inspiring Orchestra Kit

If you're wanting to tell a story of positivity, energy and happiness then the Inspiring Orchestra Music Kit probably fits the bill. This optimistic sound will compliment the visuals of motivating films, trailers or presentations and will inspire the audience.

11. Beautiful Kit

Living up to its name, Beautiful Kit is a piano-based composition with a sense of freedom, hope and love. A perfect accompaniment to educational learning videos, presentations, inspirational short films and anything else about hope and love.

12. Sentimental Piano and Orchestra Kit

Another cinematic track with an emotional atmosphere to invoke feelings of inspiration, adventure, love and discovery. Great for time-lapse, travel and nature along with other projects.

13. Ragtime Piano Percussive and Rhythmic Stomp Kit

A fast, energetic and dynamic stomp with leading ragtime piano. This music kit includes a solo piano track. Perfect for commercials, jungles, comedy, cartoon or retro video pieces.

14. Royal Tour Kit

A serious and positive orchestral piece that perfectly suits advertising, historical or documentary films, congratulatory projects and any other type of corporate media.

15. Cinematic Power Hip-Hop Kit

Saving the best to last, though not exactly hip-hop per se, this is more a classic cinematic orchestral soundtrack with some syncopation in a hip-hop style. A refreshing change from the proliferation of uplifting-piano pieces. 

With a strong beat and expressive strings, I see this being more along the lines of a modern espionage-type film. Great for documentaries, no doubt.


These 15 royalty-free, Best-Selling Classical Music Kits represent just a small selection of the thousands of Music Kits available at AudioJungle.

If none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

If you wish to improve your own skills in creating or editing some of your own music tracks, be sure to check out some of the useful music and audio tutorials from Envato Tuts+.

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