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15 Must-Have Royalty-Free House Music Tracks of 2019

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Whilst the video in any multimedia project is important, the background music chosen sets the mood for the entire project. That's why I've collected 15 must-have royalty-free House music tracks from AudioJungle.

Once you've selected the song that you're looking for, pick the specific licence that fits your particular needs and you're free to use the song in different forms of media.  

1. Robots in Paris

Bouncing basses, chunky beats, and crazy electro synths  make up this hard-hitting royalty-free House music track. This song makes a great addition to any travel video or project where you're looking to add some energy!

2. Sunset on the Terrace

If the next audiovisual project needs a positive uplifting mood to it, then 'Sunset on the Terrace' is a perfect track to add. The melodic plucks, beautiful piano chords, and house beat make for a memorable song. 

3. Uplifting House

After listening to this royalty-free House music track, you'll feel like anything is possible. Let 'Uplifting House' be the anthem to your next multimedia project.

4. Fashion Summer Lounge House

'Fashion Summer Lounge House' is not only a great background song to use for a fashion video, but also for any video where you want to create a sense of progression and style. Give this royalty-free House track a listen.

5. Indie House

'Indie House' is a track with a unique sound that'll inspire your audience. Melodic pianos and guitars, tropical house beats, and soothing strings are what you'll find in this royalty-free track. 

6. Electro Mouse

Inject your next audiovisual project with electro madness. 'Electro Mouse' gives your next project an edge and attitude that draws in your audiences attention. 

7. Give Us House

'Give Us House' is a classic groovy house club track featuring chunky house drums, a funk guitar, and groovy bass-line. 

8. House Candy #2

This royalty-free House track presents a more laid back vibe that works really well as a background song. Listening to this track makes you feel like you're taking a walk on a beautiful beach at sunset. 

House MusicHouse MusicHouse Music

9. Disclosure

'Disclosure' is a track influenced by the Garage and Deep House genres. Plucky bass-lines, Garage-like drums, and melodic vocal chops characterize this song.  

10. Summer Cocktail

'Summer Cocktail' is a groovy little tune that'll be sure to get catch your audience's attention. The classic house beat, piano chord progression, and guitars in this song don't disappoint!

11. Deep Freeze

If you're looking for a unique House song for the intro of any multimedia project, then use this royalty-free House song. The deep bass-line and quick-paced pluck set the tone for this gritty and exciting tune. 

12. You Bring Me Joy

This uplifting Electro House tune makes a great background track for a variety of videos including vlogs, YouTube videos, and presentations. Give this song a listen and let the good vibes take over.

13. Who Are You

Laidback and dreamy, 'Who Are You' is inspired by old school house. This infectious track adds a sense of professionalism to a project. 

14. Wake - Progressive House

This track is perfect for an action scene in your projects. It's strong, majestic and just a bit on the darker side of House music. You'll definitely wake up after listening to this song.

15. House Party Dance

Press the Play button and you'll hear a modern chill house song. Use this royalty-free house track if you are trying to evoke creativity and confidence.


The 15 royalty-free House music tracks mentioned above represent only a fraction of the House music tracks available at AudioJungle.

If none of these House royalty-free tracks are right for your next project, then head on over to AudioJungle and browse through their massive library.

If you are looking to improve your own skills in creating or editing your own music, then be sure to check out all the in-depth tutorials on Envato Tuts+ Music & Audio.

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