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15 of the Best-Rated World Beat Music Kits for Personal, Video or Corporate Projects

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If you’re unfamiliar with Envato’s Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz's tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project.

Music Kits for Corporate Projects, Films, Promotional Video Trailers and More

Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited into individual musical sections that can be rearranged, like building blocks, to create custom-timed and custom-structured pieces.

This means that, without musical or audio expertise or highly specialised audio software, you can create a professional finish to your soundtracks by dragging and dropping individual song sections to fit both the length of music your scenes require and the tempo progression needed.

15 of the Best-Rated World Beat Music Kits

1. Safari Kit

This is a powerful African-style music kit with elements of tribal and modern sounds. These evocative sounds stir up emotion and imagination and can be used in a variety of projects. With 12 tails, and 12 no-tails, tracks to construct the music to suit your particular project.

2. Samba Do Brazil Kit

Samba do Brazil Kit is a Samba music kit with a fast, up-beat carnival mood that's perfect for sports, especially football, projects. It is also ideally suited as opening musical accompaniment for video projects, commercials, corporate presentations and YouTube videos.

3. Latin Pop Bright Kit

Latin Pop Bright Kit is an energetic, bright and uplifting track that's great for dancing, fun and background music. Excellent for television, cinema, radio and internet advertising. With 18 tails, and another 18 no-tails, building blocks, this music kit is perfect for your next project.

4. Indonesian World Kit

After the rapid, South American beats of the last two examples, Indonesian World Kit is the perfect antidote with its calm, relaxing and melodic sound. It builds up to something more urgent, if you need it to and depending upon which sections you choose to construct your track from this Music Kit.

5. New Year in China Kit

This music kit is an inspirational Chinese-sound of an orchestra, taiko drums, Chinese violin and flutes. Suitable for travel documentaries, promotional videos, commercial and advertising, this music kit has a positive vibe.

6. African Music Background Kit

African Music Background Kit is a music inspired by the African continent. It features a Djembe, Percussions Ensemble Taiko, Shaker, Drums Stick, Drums, Marimba and Kalimba.

7. India Upbeat Kit

The India Upbeat Kit is a modern mix of traditional Indian instruments and percussions, including Indian sitar, Tumbi and Tabla.

The India Upbeat Kit fuses house sounds with an electronic drum and the download includes PDF documentation to accompany the music segments.

8. Taiko Percussion Kit

This is another African-inspired cinematic track with the classic sounds of drums, percussion, Marimba, African chants, African trailer vocals, African atmospheres and other African sound elements. 

The author suggests that it is well suited to use in safari, nature and ethnic projects, and with wild animals and wild nature. It would make excellent backing to frames or footage shot with a drone.

9. Medieval Kit

Medieval is an emotional soundtrack featuring unique sounds and melodies with atmospheric, whispered emotion. Perfectly designed emotional soundtrack with 110bpm that keeps epic energy, adventure and lovely moments.

10. Latin World Kit

The Latin World Kit is a modern energetic inspiring emotional cuban dance track with acoustic guitar, drums, bass, piano, guiro and vibes.

It's energetic in comfortable, laid-back way and is an engaging piece of music that would suit a number of different projects. Definitely one to consider.

11. Arab Desert Night Kit

This Music Kit is an inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music comprising elegant and sweeping violins with a mysterious East Arabic theme

It's a middle eastern lounge track with typical groove elements playing along with oriental instruments. Another one to consider, you might be surprised.

12. Caribbean Beach Kit

This Music Kit immediately conjures up the feeling of warmth, happiness, sunshine, golden sand and clear blue seas.

It's an upbeat and carefree latin Caribbean track of steel drums, marimba, xylophone, ukulele, acoustic guitar and percussion.

13. Oriental Upbeat Kit

The Oriental Upbeat Kit is an uplifting and inspiring Music Kit featuring the string sounds of China and The Orient.

With an energetic pace, this music is the perfect accompaniment for feel-good slideshows, commercials, trailers and other media projects.

14. Jungle Kit

Jungle Kit is a beautiful, positive, simple, ethnic track featuring percussions and African rhythms of kalimba sounds and epic drums.

An uplifting and emotional piece of music, the modern yet traditional sound lends itself to many different projects. 

15. Asian Dance Kit

This Music Kit is created with traditional asian instruments like koto, bamboo flute, Chinese gongs and an interesting xylophone. It's ideal for traditional Asian dance, short films, commercials or for relaxing.

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These 15 royalty-free, Best Rated World Beat Music Kits represent just a small selection of the thousands of Music Kits available at AudioJungle and Envato Elements.

If none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

If you wish to improve your own skills in creating or editing some of your own music tracks, be sure to check out some of the useful music and audio tutorials from Envato Tuts+.

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