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15 of the Best Royalty-Free Tracks of 2018

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It's hard to imagine, but the end of the year is getting closer and closer. This makes it the perfect opportunity to look back and analyze how the year's been going.

This post does exactly that through AudioJungle's best royalty-free music tracks of 2018, as rated by the platform's users and contributors. This way, you'll get to hear the best pieces it has to offer, so you can choose the perfect one for your project more easily. 

best royalty-free tracksbest royalty-free tracksbest royalty-free tracks

1. Upbeat Inspiration

To start the list with the right foot forward, let's get a some 'Upbeat Inspiration'. The guitars, piano, bass and other masterfully played instruments in this track come together to create an easygoing song. 

2. Future Summer Pop

Though summer is over, you can keep living it with this track. It's sunny, refreshing, and energetic; all the things summer should be. Give a video or project the right beachy vibes with this high-rated music track.

3. Upbeat & Energetic Funky Groove

If what you need is some funk in your life, then this is the track for you. This royalty-free piece has a cool groove with the guitar, bass, synth and rhythm that are characteristic of this music genre. 

4. Corporate Motivational Inspiring Pop

This mellow, tropical, easy track can be the background music for a motivational video, an ad or a corporate audiovisual project, adding a lively tune without distracting or taking away from the main message.

5. Summer Energetic Uplifting & Upbeat Pop

Summer makes another appearance in this list, but this time, in the form of this energetic, uplifting, and upbeat pop musical theme. Its cheerfulness is absolutely perfect for a traveling video or vlog.

6. Emotional Timelapse & Technology Background Ambient

Pianos, synths, drums and more merge together to create this electro ambient piece that fits in well with a time-lapse or inspirational video. Make use of it in its original length or in shorter forms, depending on your needs.

7. Motivational Inspiring Indie Rock

This is a tune that's inspiring and chill, but upbeat enough to make it enjoyable to listen to. Plus, it's catchy and positive, which makes it all the more motivating and ideal for commercial purposes.

8. A Forgotten Dynasty

If what you need is an epic royalty-free music piece that's inspired by great composers such as Hans Zimmer, you should give 'A Forgotten Dynasty' a listen. Pay attention to it, so you can identify its Asian elements. 

9. Upbeat & Uplifting Energetic Summer Pop Inspiration

For a modern, uplifting, fresh, and summery track, try this one. It goes well in an ad, on a vlog, in a corporate video, or as the background piece to any other project you may have.

10. Classical Strings Inspirational Motivational

If your search takes you on a more baroque, classical, and regal journey, this beautiful string quartet composition will lead your way. It can give your project an emotional, elegant, and cultured feel.

11. Emotional Inspiring Piano Strings

And if pulling at the heartstrings is what you want to achieve, opt for this musical piece in AudioJungle's library. There are a few different arrangements for this tune that you can check out.

12. Inspiring Cinematic Piano Trailer

This piece invokes serenity, emotion, and elegance, which makes it a melody that could provide background music to a wedding, religious, or inspirational video or project.

13. Motivational Energy Corporate Flight

If your audio or audiovisual project revolves around inspiring others, this track can definitely do the trick. It has a chill sound that's achieved with the mix of electronic and acoustic elements that make it a truly optimistic piece.

14. Upbeat Corporate Motivational Background Pop

This royalty-free song starts out in a light and understated manner, only to build up into an upbeat and energetic song, filled with claps, lots of rhythm, and a catchy melody.

15. Powerful & Energetic Indie Rock

Last but not least, there's this track with an edgier sound and definitely energetic feel. It's the ideal candidate for fashion or sports videos, promos, and other similar audiovisual projects.


Finding the right song for your projects can be a hassle. Luckily, this post brings you the cream of the crop when it comes to the royalty-free tracks that AudioJungle has to offer.

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