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15 Fantastic Funk & Groove Music Kits for Your Next Project

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If you’re unfamiliar with Envato’s Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz's tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project.

Music Kits for Professional Presentations, Projects and Soundtracks 

Unlike the typical music item that is usually a fixed-length track, Music Kits are song tracks that have been pre-edited into individual musical sections that can be rearranged, like building blocks, to create custom-timed and custom-structured pieces.

This means that, without musical or audio expertise or highly specialised audio software, you can create a professional finish to your soundtracks by dragging and dropping individual song sections to fit both the length of music your scenes require and the tempo progression needed.

15 Fantastic Funk & Groove Music Kits

A musical accompaniment sets the scene for any film trailer, promo, theme or scene, or even just a home video production. Good music, though, is essential. Music can make or break the effect.

In this tutorial, I'll help you to discover 15 of the best royalty-free, trending Funk & Groove Music Kits available at AudioJungle

1. Ocean's Funky Guitar Kit

Described as a David Holmes like sounding track, it's stylistically similar to Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve and Oceans Thirteen films. It's catchy with live instruments and a compelling driving force.

2. Ocean's Funky Groove Kit

The composer describes this Music Kit as being, "for the days when you need to rob a bank." ...I hope that'll never be the case, but I can envisage this in a gorgeously stylistic, 1960s-feel heist caper. Loving the bass guitar on this. You'll want to listen to it again.

3. TV Show Background Kit

This one's a fun, modern background for Music Kit that would suit a TV show, radio, podcast or similar. It could also be employed in slideshows, or advertising. Predominantly saxophone with an accompaniment of vintage rhythm and funk.

4. Fashion Sport Beat Kit

Starting with classic straight piano and chords it goes into a catchy trumpet melody that punchy with a hint of hip-hop drums and bass combined with analogue-synth. Great stuff for television or cinema advertising and ideal for an upbeat, positive brand-presentation video. Interesting and appealing sounds.

5. Groovy Blues Kit

The Groovy Blues Kit comprises beats, bass, electric blues guitar, vinyl scratches and some brass to produce a quick, vibrant tune full of interest for the listener where energy flows. Ideal for modern advertising and presentations. 

6. Funk Kit

Funk Kit, from Yellowbus, is an upbeat funk track with electronic drums, clean guitar and slap bass. This Music Kit is perfect as a background for many different types of media project.

7. Down the Needle Kit

This Music Kit is a light tune featuring Rhodes keyboards, a few synths and well-suited drums and bass grove. The Music Kit features sampled vocals counting down from five to one. Laid back and sophisticated, it's ideal for a number of projects.

8. Funk Me Kit

The Funk Me Kit is a hugely playful, upbeat and fun track with an uplifting groove and energetic breakbeat rhythm. There's all sorts going on in this Music Kit, an old plinky piano, funky guitars and sounds almost reminiscent of the acid-house nights of the late-80s and early-90s. This is marvellous.

9. Funk Jazz Shopping Kit

The Funk Jazz Shopping Kit is a smooth, laid back tune comprising bass, guitar, sax, drums and is elegantly lounge-like. A sophisticated backing track for corporate videos, presentations, podcasts, product demonstrations or whatever your project might be.

10. Energetic Funk Kit

This Music Kit is a guitar-based, upbeat, positive funky rock track with a bright, uplifting mood. A sure-fire way of getting positivity and good-feeling across in your next video-based project.

11. Disco House Lounge Funk Kit

The instruments used in this track are palm muted guitar, funk groove guitar, groovy bass, electric piano (rhodes) and drum section. A perfect Music Kit for any project to create that lounge mood, perhaps for afashion show, blog, luxury video or travel vlog, commercial presentation, timelapse video or somehthing else.

12. Funky Kit

A groovy, funky, upbeat and positive track with vintage sounds, guitar, piano, brass, bass and drums. This Music Kit is perfect for fun and positive videos, advertising, commercials, energetic videos, intro and promo videos and more.

13. Vogue Kit

A Music Kit mixed with funk, dance, fashion and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) elements. Vogue Kit is punchy and upbeat with a catchy melody. A fantastic and stylish track with dance mood atmosphere.

14. Funk Groove Breakbeat Kit

An energetic, powerful and dynamic Music Kit that I can imagine being used as the title track and backing music for a gritty, East German police crime drama. There's something very Alan Hawkshaw-esque about this, especially in the opening. Lots going on, in this Music Kit, and all very fast. A nice alternative.

15. Funk Vintage Kit

This one's a little different. A Music Kit that has a groovy, upbeat vintage feel. An energetic bass riff is complimented by a rhythmic piano, crunchy old-school guitars with tambour and vinyl drums. Very catchy.

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These 15 royalty-free Funk and Groove Music Kits represent just a small selection of the thousands of Music Kits available at AudioJungle and Envato Elements

If none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

If you wish to improve your own skills in creating or editing some of your own music tracks, be sure to check out some of the useful music and audio tutorials from Envato Tuts+.

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