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20 Awesome Royalty-Free Radio Sound Effects

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Having the right sound effect—whether it's a glitch, click, interference, reaction or other—adds a to a radio shows, podcasts, videos, adverts, video games or other multimedia project.

Use radio tuning sound effects to set your brand apart. Use radio static sound effects to fill in the silences, elevate speeches, increase drama, comedy, excitement or suspense in your projects, and much more.

If you're searching for the perfect royalty-free sound radio sound effect that gives the finishing touch or takes a message to the next level, scroll through this tutorial. 

Find the very best of the best royalty-free radio sound effects available on AudioJungle.

1. Droid Hit 

Give radio shows a futuristic edge with this first royalty-free sound effect.

2. Radio Imaging FX Pack 7 

Brand your project with the myriad different effects that 'Radio Imaging FX Pack 7' has to offer. With a little radio static.

3. Pure and Simple FX Pack 

Add cool, industrial sounds to a TV spot, radio show, commercial, movie or other project.

4. Glitch Effects Pack 3 

A glitch sound effect can elevate the auditory presence in any of your multimedia projects. 

5. Dubstep Radio Imaging Pack 

Introduce a project with these effects to ensure listeners pay attention to the message.

6. Four Springs 

If you have a fun radio show, podcast or video in the works, the sound of a spring comes in handy. Great for comedic effect and wacky radio show sound effects.

7. Air Horn 

Put together an announcement that others are compelled to listen to with this loud and fun air horn.

8. Short Glitch Digital Interference 

This royalty-free sound effect also provides a variety of glitch-y sounds that add interest to a show. More radio static.

9. Random Computer Beeps 

If a video, podcast or other content is related to technology, this is the perfect sound effect to convey that. 

10. Radio Imaging Sound FX Pack 4 

Introduce a segment with the use of the impactful sounds in 'Radio Imaging Sound FX Pack 4'.

11. Military Radio Voices 2 

In this pack you can find military phrases like 'roger that', 'fire in the hole', 'mission completed' and others. All the military radio sound effects you'll need.

12. Radio Imaging FX Pack 6 Whooshes & Impacts 

You never know when your project could need whooshes and impacts. Luckily, this pack has your back.

13. Ominous Synth Growl Transition 

With this royalty-free sound effect, you'll elevate the tension of multimedia projects.

14. TV White Noise 

The sound effect  of radio static on a television represents a myriad of things. Take advantage of this in a video or radio show.

15. Static Grunge 01 

If you like the sound of TV white noise, but you'd like it to have more of a punch, try this sound effect out. A great white noise sound effect.

16. Female Voice Expressions Pack 01 

If you require a female voice to say things like 'nice', 'oh', 'woo hoo', among other expressions, listen to this pack. 

17. Radio Imaging FX Pack 

Let your brand's presence be known with the royalty-free sound effects in 'Radio Imaging FX Pack'

18. Glitch 

You can use the different radio glitch sound effects in this pack to set your radio show, video, or other in a futuristic ambiance.

19. Elegant Tick Sound

With this royalty-free effect, you'll get the sound of a button, of a computer mouse, of a briefcase and more.

20. Radio Imaging Effects Pack 1 

Last but not least, use this radio sound effects pack to add more personality to the multimedia project you're working on.


Make sure that your projects, whatever they may be, have the best sound effects. Doing so will make them more appealing, interesting, unique and entertaining.

If you couldn't find the perfect royalty-free sound effect for your project in this post, roam through AudioJungle. Its vast library will definitely have the sounds you need.

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