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20 Best Royalty-Free Cinematic Music Tracks

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I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best royalty-free Cinematic music tracks to be found at AudioJungle

Bring an authentic cinematic sound to any multimedia project with the most popular cinematic tracks. These tracks offer a wide range of emotions and themes suitable for a multitude of projects.

To help you find the exact cinematic track you are looking for, I've organized the tracks into four different categories: action/epic, dramatic, background, and inspirational.


1. Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Intro

Soaring strings, beautiful melodies, and energetic percussion are what you'll find in this motivational trailer. This song is sure to inspire any listener.

2. Orchestra

This track fits perfectly in any multimedia project that requires an epic uplifting theme. The track starts off with a hopeful piano and string section and crescendos into an all-out orchestral blockbuster piece. 

3. The Uplifting Trailer

Immediately after you press the play button, you will be immersed right into the uplifting and triumphant theme of the track. Adding this song to an audiovisual project will be sure to catch the attention of the audience.

4. Sport Rock Trailer

Attitude is the name of the game with this sports rock trailer. The heavily distorted guitars, powerful drums, and vocal melodies inject the next project with an edge that the audience won't be able to resist. 

5. Adventure Motivational Intro Trailer

You can't help but feel like you are in a movie when you listen to this trailer. This makes it the ideal tune to add to any project that you want to come across as grandiose.


6. Cinematic Romantic Story

This royalty-free song starts out in a very melancholic manner and evolves into a flurry of string melodies. Ideal for an emotional scene. 

7. Ambient Cinematic

This is my personal favorite track from the list. 'Ambient Cinematic' features a heartwarming piano piece that can't help but make you smile. Press the play button and see, or listen, for yourself.

8. Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano

The piano can be an incredibly sentimental instrument and this track shows just how sentimental. This beautiful piano piece will fit perfectly with any project in which you want to elicit a strong emotional response. 

9. Epic

The title of this track says it all. Power, passion, loyalty, and accomplishment are what you will be feeling after listening to this song. 

10. The Sad Piano

 If you want an audience to feel a strong sense of sadness, try this piano arrangement.


11. The Winners

To immerse your audience into an upbeat and hopeful mood, try out this royalty-free track.

12. Piano Happy

Send a positive message in your next project with this uplifting tune.

13. Grand Opening

This royalty free track is sure to set the stage for your next multimedia project. The uplifting strings and driving rhythm are perfect for starting a project off with a bang.

14. Investigation

If you're looking to pique the curiosity of an audience, this royalty free track 'Investigation' is a must-have.

15. The Supermarket

Fun, light and catchy is what you can expect from this pleasant little tune. Set up a light-hearted atmosphere with 'The Supermarket.'


16. Uplifting Epic Cinematic Hopeful

The feelings of hope and happiness are what your audience will be left with after listening to this royalty free track. This song is a perfect addition to any multimedia project that needs an energy lift.  

17. Inspiring Uplifting Happy Trailer

Don't worry, be happy. Let the uplifting strings in this royalty free track take your project to the next level.

18. The Fanfare

'The Fanfare' is sure to be a fan favorite. Introduce your next audiovisual project with this inspiring piece.  

19. Sad to Uplifting

This royalty free track is a tale of two stories. Beginning with a sad piano and blossoming into a motivational piece, this song is sure to impress.

20. A Forgotten Dynasty

If you have ever wanted to add an epic Lord of the Rings type atmosphere to a project,  you can with the royalty-free track, 'A Forgotten Dynasty.'


AudioJungle has no shortage of cinematic tracks for your next multimedia project.

Whatever type of cinematic track you are looking for you will find on the platform. 

The most popular tracks from the royalty-free cinematic library are listed above. If these tracks don't quite fit your needs, you can always search through the platform's comprehensive library.

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