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20 of the Best Upbeat Royalty Free Music Tracks

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Upbeat music has the power to take any undesirable mood and turn it into a positive one. 

Accompanying a visual project with an upbeat track is sure to touch an emotional nerve in an audience, creating feelings of happiness and positivity.  

If you want to add upbeat music to an audiovisual project, AudioJungle offers a large selection of royalty-free tracks to suit most, if not all, needs. To help you, I've included the top 20 upbeat royalty-free music tracks on AudioJungle below.

1. Energetic Upbeat Pop Uplifting Inspiring

To start the list I've included a royalty-free song that is sure to put a smile on your face. Press play and let the good vibes take over.

2. Upbeat Energetic Uplifting Pop

Nothing says upbeat and uplifting more than a sweet vocal melody on top of a beautiful piano progression. Add this track to any multimedia project that needs a lift in mood. 

3. Happy

The title says it all. You can't help but feel the joyful energy of this song gives off. This royalty-free track is perfect for setting a light-hearted and upbeat vibe.  

4. Fun

You can't go wrong when adding this track to any audiovisual project that needs to be upbeat. Let the whistling, playful guitars and piano, and groovy rhythm take your audience set the tone for your next project. 

5. Motivational Uplifting Inspiring Upbeat Corporate

No list of upbeat songs would be complete without a motivational and uplifting royalty-free song. This song is perfect for any corporate multimedia project or really any project that is intended to inspire. 

6. Rock Energy

Whoever said a rock track couldn't be uplifting didn't hear the edgy guitars and rocking beat that grab the attention of an audience and take an audiovisual project to the next level. 

7. Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat

Add a bit of soul, groove, and funk to your next multimedia project with the 'Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat' royalty-free track. 

8. Positive Energy

The guitar melody gives the royalty-free track, 'Positive Energy,' just that, positive energy. This track will be a great fit for corporate videos and montages.

9. Upbeat Hip-Hop Energy

Similar to 'Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat,' this royalty-free Hip-Hop track is sure to provide exactly what it says in its song title, energy!

10. Upbeat

If you are looking for a royalty-free song that is uplifting, then look no further. 'Upbeat' provides a boost of positivity to a project. 

11. Rock That Energy

Give your next audiovisual project some attitude. The song starts off with a driving rhythm and distorted guitar and crescendos into a full-on rock chorus. This royalty-free track definitely rocks that energy.

12. The Funky

Adding a little funk could be exactly what your audiovisual project was missing. Give this groovy little tune a listen!

13. Funky Brothers

As soon as you press the play button, you immediately feel like you are in a movie scene with George Clooney in 'Ocean's Eleven'. Add that playful upbeat tone with the royalty-free track, 'Funky Brothers.'

14. Upbeat Fashion R&B

A beautiful saxophone melody starts off this song and is quickly accompanied by a four on the floor beat that lifts the energy and mood of the song. 'Upbeat Fashion R&B' is a must-have in your collection.  

15. Off Broadway Comedy

If you've ever been to Broadway in New York, you'll have felt like you've been there after listening to this royalty-free track. Give your next audiovisual project a showtime atmosphere with 'Off Broadway Comedy.'

16. Upbeat Ukulele Ad

The Ukulele combined with the melodic bells in this royalty-free track set the song up to be a crowd pleaser. Give multimedia projects a more relaxed and upbeat mood with this song. 

17. Air

Nostalgia is a very powerful emotion. To get your audience to reminisce, add this melodic little royalty-free tune to your next project.  

18. Commercial

To give your next multimedia a more light-hearted atmosphere, give 'Commercial' a chance. 

19. Lifestyle

You will feel motivated and inspired when listening to this melodically pleasing royalty-free track. This makes it the perfect track to get your audience interested in what you are presenting. 

20. Happy Kitsch Comedy

The final track on this top 20 list, I've added a TV comedy-style track. Imagine a funny scene in a favorite sitcom. Bring a bit of playfulness and cheer to your audience with 'Happy Kitsch Comedy.'


The 20 royalty-free tracks listed above represent only a small selection of the thousands of upbeat tracks that are available on AudioJungle

If you're looking to take your audio production skills to the next level, feel free to check out all the in-depth tutorials offered in the music and audio section of Envato Tuts+ 

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