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19 Modern & Retro Telephone Ringing Sound Effects

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Ringing phones have been a part of our lives for over a century. During that time the sound of the ring has evolved. 

If you're looking for ringtone sound effects for a films, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook video, this article discovers a fascinating range of retro and modern phone ringtones

Hand Dialling a NumberHand Dialling a NumberHand Dialling a Number
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1. Cell Phone Vibrate Loop

Starting off with a sound that most people recognise today. Cell Phone Vibrate Loop is a vibrating sound, popularly used when in meetings and other sensitive situations to alert us when our phones are ringing without disturbing anyone else.   

2. Phone Ringtone 

Phone Ringtone is the default ringtone for many smartphones, so it'll be instantly recognisable for many of your viewers or listeners. 

3. Telephone Ringing #03 Retro

Take a step back in time with Telephone Ringing #03 Retro, a vintage bell tone that would be at home in a black and white film. 

4. Retro Game Ringtone Loop

If you remember PacMan and Space Invaders, Retro Game Ringtone Loop will take you straight back to 1980s arcade games.

5. Phone

Phone's intermittent high-pitched ring is reminiscent of an office scene from the 90s. These ringtones were so ubiquitous that they fit right into the background noise of an office.

6. Ringtone

Ringtone is an upbeat calypso-inspired xylophone sound. Its jaunty rhythm will give your project a cheerful, tropical feel.

7. Phone Ringing

Most of the sound effects featured here are what you hear when a phone rings, but I've included Phone Ringing for callers. This is the sound heard in the receiver when you dial the number of a landline phone. 

8. Old Phone Ring

Old Phone Ring takes you straight back to the 70s, when phones were designed with a loud, harsh bell to alert you that someone was calling even if you were outdoors mowing the lawn or hanging the laundry.

9. Smartphone Ringtone

Smartphone Ringtone features the cool alto sounds of a contemporary mobile ringtone. This one is more low-key and has a less insistent sound than others featured here.

Woman Talking on Mobile PhoneWoman Talking on Mobile PhoneWoman Talking on Mobile Phone
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10. Mobile Phone Ring

Mobile Phone Ring is a collection of three ringtones combining super high-pitched and moderately pitched tones that instantly cut through any background noise or chatter.

11. Phone Ring

Phone Ring is a fairly standard landline ringtone that could work equally well in a domestic or business setting. 

12. Wake Up Ringtone

Wake Up Ringtone is a bit reminiscent of a submarine. This bright and quirky ringtone will never be confused with the sound of a landline. 

13. Bright Ringtone

Bright Ringtone is another ringtone designed for mobile phones which borrows inspiration from the rhythm of a submarine radar, but with a lighter and quicker tone than Wake Up Ringtone above.

14. Soft Ringtone Loop 02

Keeping with the submarine radar theme here, Soft Ringtone Loop 02, is a softer and slower alternative to the two options above. 

15. Phone Six Ringtone

A smartphone ring tone that is pleasing to the ear, Phone Six Ringtone feels smart and elegant and is a great choice if you want to portray elegance in your production.

16. Cell Phone Ringing

Cell Phone Ringing is one of those mobile phone ringtones that mimic the rhythm of an old-fashioned landline phone while keeping a distinctly contemporary feel.

17. Bell Ringer

In spite of the name, Bell Ringer isn't a retro ringing sound effect. Rather it's a smartphone ringtone with a light bell ring touch and a bit of echo.

18. Modern Futuristic Ringtone

Modern Futuristic Ringtone uses an electronic sound and is clearly inspired by space exploration.

19. Old Telephone Ring Classic

Old Telephone Ring Classic gives you exactly what it says on the tin, the classic sound of a 20th century landline phone ringing.  

Choose the Right Phone Ringing Sound Effect 

These effects are just a small selection of the hundreds of phone ringing sound effects available at AudioJungle so, if none of them quite fits your needs there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills building audio projects yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials on offer.

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