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20 Royalty-Free Horror Music Tracks

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The witching hour is getting close. Ghouls and ghosts are emerging from their hiding places to roam the streets freely. And in this spooky time of monsters, spells and nightmares, having eerie, horror royalty-free music can add an extra sense of suspense to Halloween-themed projects. 

Still, finding the right tracks for them can be an even scarier process. In this tutorial, I'll share the best Halloween tracks to be found on AudioJungle.

Scary Music

1. House of Horror

Imagine stepping into a haunted house: it's old, dark, and it has a very eerie look and feel. Now, imagine adding this first horror music track to this scene. You'll be scared out of your mind. Use this track to convey this feeling to your audience.

2. Happy Halloween

While Halloween is meant to be creepy, it doesn't mean that it can't be fun as well. This horror music track has a more playful and mischievous element to it, making it the perfect addition to a fun Halloween video.

3. Master Evil Big Laugh

Everybody can identify an evil laugh, which means this one's a staple sound bite for Halloween projects. While this is not a music track, per se, it'll help you set the right ambiance. 

4. Full Orchestral Horror Crescendo

The dissonant low strings that start off this track give the listener that uneasy feeling that's so particular of suspense movies. As the track advances, it transforms into an explosive crescendo that brings it from suspenseful, to full-on scary.

5. Spooky

The combination of the harpsichord, accordion, percussion set and other instruments make this the perfect mix of quirky, spooky, and dark. While you listen to it, you're sure to picture witches, pumpkins and ghouls. 

6. Halloween Waltz Loop

This horror royalty-free music track takes you flying on a broom across a wooded area, cruising over a cemetery and into a creepy haunted mansion, where ghosts, bats and moving paintings await. 

7. Movie Intro

Try listening to this royalty-free music track without getting your heart to beat faster. You can practically cut the tension in the air with a knife when the sound of the roaring wind begins to blow over the sound of an old piano.

8. Ebony Omen

This epic horror music track is meant for a climactic scene in a scary movie or production. As you listen to it, you'll feel that something evil and a little bit unsettling is watching over you.

9. Halloween

Halloween doesn't have to be scary and grim all of the time. At the end of the day, it's a celebration as well. Give Halloween parties that extra energy kick with this electro horror music track that's royalty-free.

10. Halloween Suite

This song has an interesting mix between a very dramatic and a playful feel. Moreover, it evokes a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' atmosphere, with its great use of bells, choirs, strings and more. 

11. Haunted (Dark Soundscape - by Wexx)

If you're searching for an eerie track that provides tension to the environment, then this royalty-free music track definitely what you need. It is the perfect background music for your nightmares. 

12. Nightmares

And speaking of nightmares, this song. While it starts off with a very creepy piano, it quickly adds in hip hop drums that give it a more upbeat touch while maintaining that haunting quality you'd expect from a song called 'Nightmares'.

13. Creepy Night Lullaby

I think we can all agree that, for some reason, children are creep. This is why they're often used as a scary movie trope. Cleverly, this horror music track takes advantage of this, creating a creepy lullaby with a childish element to it.

14. Epic Apocalyptic

This royalty-free music track starts with a solo, mysterious female vocal only to increase the intensity until it builds up into an epic, powerful song that has some strong percussion and dubstep components.

15. Creepy Loop

Disembodied voices, a disturbing piano and menacing strings come together to create the perfect atmosphere where ghouls, zombies, werewolves, monsters and witches come out to play. 

16. Halloween

Nothing says Halloween quite like this track. It has dark, mysterious, wicked and jaunty ingredients. These characteristics are conveyed through the clever use of an evil laugh, a clavichord and other elements particular to horror music.

17. Dark Halloween

'Dark Halloween' also works well for scary audiovisual projects. It has a very mysterious, creepy-crawly touch that makes any listener feel just the tiniest bit uneasy. 

18. Halloween Nightmare

Either of the words in this track's title are fear-inducing and nail-bitingly scary on their own. Put together, however, the phrase they make up gives you the correct idea of what you can expect from this track: suspense and uneasiness. 

19. Halloween March

Children wait for Halloween all year round. For them, it's their chance to dress up and be just a tiny bit prankish. And you can perfectly imagine them running around to the tune of this 'Halloween March'

20. Lone Wolf Howling

No full-moon Halloween night is complete without a powerful howl from a lone wolf. That's why, this list ends with this royalty-free track. With it, you'll add a mysterious and utterly scary twist to your audiovisual projects.


Having the right horror royalty-free music on your projects can create the creepy, eerie ambiance that will keep your audience on the edge of their seat. 

Check out the selection I put together for you from AudioJungle's library. Or browse through it to find the perfect horror music track.

 Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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