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30+ Best Royalty-Free Sound Effects of 2019

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Sound effects are an integral part of any audiovisual project. They provide the movement, context, and interest needed to deliver the message to an audience. 

In this article, I've listed more than 30 of the best royalty-free sound effects of 2019, which you can find on AudioJungle. If you’re looking to provide a compelling and interactive experience for an audience, then check out the sound effects listed below.

I’ve grouped the sounds into five of the most popular types of sound effects.


Cartoon sound effects are nostalgic. They bring back positive emotions from our childhood. This makes them a perfect addition to any audiovisual project that is in need of a light-hearted atmosphere. 

To help kickstart your search for these effects, I have put together seven of the best selling cartoon sound effects on AudioJungle.


1. Expectation Drum Roll

2. Fail

3. Silly Cartoon Voices Pack

4. Punch

5. Splat

6. Harp

7. Pop


No list of sound effects would be complete without the beautiful sounds of mother nature.

These nature sound effects can find their way into a variety of audiovisual projects and are ready to be added to your project now.


8. Summer Beach

9. Jungle Ambience

10. Water Splash Effect

11. Bee Buzz

12. Sparrows

13. Fire

14. Ocean Waves


Futuristic sounds add a touch of sophistication and interest to multimedia projects. Sci-Fi sounds, explosions, and laser sword sounds can all be found on AudioJungle. For your convenience, I've collected seven of the best selling futuristic sound effects below. 


15. Sci-Fi Atmosphere Hum

16. Spaceship Hydraulic Hatchs 

17. Transforming

18. Laser Sword

19. Glitch FX

20. Electric Glitch

21. Explosion 

Interface Sounds

Interface sound effects play an important role in your projects. While this type of sound effects isn't as flashy as futuristic sound effects, interface sounds add the movement, interest, and professionalism that your projects need. 

Interface SoundsInterface SoundsInterface Sounds

22. Interface Sounds

23. Counter Bleeps

24. Ding!

25. Camera Shutter

26. Censorship Beeps

27. New Message Cling

28. Phone Ringtone

Buttons and Menus

Adding catchy and memorable button and menu effects to a multimedia project helps it to stand out. While short in length, these effects can help evoke a positive emotion from an audience. 

Also, these effects don't necessarily have to be used for a specific button or menu click. Any point you are trying to make can be highlighted with these subtle effects. 

Buttons  MenusButtons  MenusButtons  Menus

29. Beep

30. Notification Blip

31. Water Button

32. Glass Tap

33. Beep 03

34. Menu Selection 3

37. Multimedia Pops


These 30+ royalty-free sound effects are only a small selection of the thousands of sound effects accessible at AudioJungle. If the sound effects listed above don't fit your needs, be sure to browse through this large library on AudioJungle.

If you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then head on over to the music and audio tutorials section of Envato Tuts+.

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