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30 Essential Breaking News Sound Effects and Music

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The news is an extremely important product people consume to stay informed of current affairs from around the world. 

Still, even if you're listening to some of the most dramatic news ever, the gravitas may be lost if it doesn't employ the right sound effects and music tracks to complement the message.

In this article, I've selected the best royalty-free breaking-news sound effects and music tracks for audiovisual projects—all of them available on AudioJungle. You can also uncover great free stock music for your next project on Mixkit.

1. News 

This first sound effect is great to give the News shows, podcasts and other similar projects some personality. It's reminiscent of the BBC News theme.

2. News 9 

Grab the attention of the audience with the royalty-free songs in this second track. They're intense and dramatic enough to convey impact and importance.

3. News Pack 

Add suspense, urgency and drama to The News with the six different songs in this pack. I recommend you listen to them all, as they are varied and great value!

4. News 24 

For an orchestral approach to 'breaking news' songs, try this royalty-free music track. It has a long and short version.

5. TV Intro No.2 

If you require an intro for a News show, give this one a listen. It's a positive and upbeat vibe that works well. 

6. Epic News Opener 

This next News example has that classic News opener sound. It's serious and elegant without being too dark and intense.

7. News 

I imagine this royalty-free music track playing as the names of the presenters and news team are displayed on the screen.

8. Cinematic Logo 

This song ramps up the intensity and drama once more. It has that cinematic sound that means real business.

9. News 3 

The grandiose elements in this track can make it ideal for an announcement, a Breaking News segment or other.

10. News 2 

This royalty-free music track has an incessant beeping that gives it a very urgent and compelling sound and feel. Another one that has that similar uplifting, optimistic but serious feel like the BBC World News theme tune.

11. Hip Hop Sport 

If you want to inject your news and broadcasts with some energy, give 'Hip Hop Sport' a try.

12. Breaking News Theme 

This song has the power and epic quality necessary to command the respect and attention of whoever's listening.

13. Humanising Technology (With Logo Version) 

This music track is perfect if you'd like your news show or podcast to have a more calming and soothing energy. 

14. World News 

The sound and rhythm of this next royalty-free song is elegant. Yet, it still has a fierce intensity to it.

15. War Logo Pack 3 

The news can get pretty emotional at times, so it only makes sense that the intro music conveys that.

16. News Stinger 

A stinger is a short music segment that helps introduce a section or to transition from one news story to the next. Like this one.

17. News 2 

With a very simple melody, this song can fit in perfectly in a political event, an announcement or a news show.

18. Broadcast News 

This is the quintessential broadcast news intro song. Download this royalty-free music track to use in your own projects.

19. Breaking News Loop 

With a slower tempo, this track has gravitas. Plus, since it's a loop, it's easier to employ in news shows.

20. Heroes Reborn Trailer 

For a truly epic royalty-free music track, listen to 'Heroes Reborn Trailer'. It can be a great way to end a news show or podcast.

21. Arriving News 

News can hit you like a ton of bricks. To convey that accurately, make use of the 'Arriving News' music track.

22. Top News Block 

This is another song that has a calmer approach to breaking news. It's a perfect fit for television and radio.

23. News Report 2 

As for this music track, I see it fitting in perfectly in between commercial breaks in a news show.

24. TV News Pack 

The 'TV News Pack' gives a number of great musical options to use in an evening news show, podcast, project and more.

25. Elegant Logo 

In this case, you'll find exactly what the title describes: an elegant tune that you can use as the logo for your news brand.

26. Short Breaking News Logo 

This is another example of an elegant, simple and exciting breaking news logo done the right way.

27. Traditional Orchestral News Theme 

With this music track, you'll surely remember the intro songs for news shows from a few years ago. 

28. An Opener 

This opener gives a more hopeful and uplifting edge to the news, which put the audience in a good mood.

29. Country News 

'Country News' begins with a dramatic orchestral sound, then adds in an electric guitar and up the intensity. Orchestra and electric guitar. It actually works well.

30. News Background 

'News Background' gives the breaking news music genre a more technological and electronic approach. 


Even the most intense news ever will fall flat if it's not presented with the appropriate sound effects and music.

Give news-related shows the gravitas and drama they command with the royalty-free options such as those shown in this post.

Remember to look around AudioJungle to find other alternatives for podcasts, videos, or other audiovisual projects.

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