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30 of the Best Professionally Produced Sound Effects

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If you're working on an audiovisual project, you'll need high quality sound effects to convey the message and add a professional production value. If you don't, the project may fall flat and fail at attracting audiences.

In short, you need professional royalty-free sound effects. In this article, I've put together a list of 30 of the best professionally produced sound effects available on AudioJungle

Scroll down to find out what they are.

A bank of loudspeakersA bank of loudspeakersA bank of loudspeakers

1. Vintage Film Camera Shutter 

Beginning the list with a simple camera shutter. If someone is shown taking a photo in your project, you need this one. 

2. Electronic Flash Charging 

If you need the effect of an electronic sound getting higher and more intense, listen to this one.

3. Epic Hit Sound Effect 

The sound of a strange object comes on and crashes into the ground, producing the sound effect of an epic hit.

4. Epic Hit 

Similarly, 'Epic Hit' gives you an explosion of sound that you could use to add drama to projects.

5. Hover Ship Pass By 

If the project you're working on is set in a futuristic environment, this effect is useful.

6. Blink Swoosh 

If you're putting together a video advertorial, a sound effect such as this one could add an interesting element to it.

7. Media Buttons Pack 

In this royalty-free sound effects pack you'll find a variety of clicks, ticks, taps, pops, clunks and more.

8. Commercial Swoosh 

'Commercial Swoosh' emits the sharp sound of a glitch or another technology-related noise.

9. Designer Swoosh 

On theme with the last one, 'Designer Swoosh' could represent a light interference or glitch.

10. Hover Car Pass By 

This professional sound effect has different uses depending on the context. For instance, it can be the effect of a hover car passing by or other science fiction related sound.  

11. Coffee Machine 

We all identify with this sound of a coffee vending machine makes when it's brewing a delicious drink.

12. Noisy Swoosh 

Employ the sound effect 'Noisy Swoosh' to transition from one image to the next in your projects.

13. Bass and Treble Blink 

As for 'Bass and Treble Blink', it's a sound effect that could add drama and suspense to audiovisuals.

14. TV Noise 

The sound of white noise interference on the TV is unmistakable. If you need it in  projects, use this sound effect.

15. Water Drop 

With this sound effect, you'll get the sound of a single drop of water dropping into a larger body of water.

16. Single Stock Car Low Frequency Pass By 

If the multimedia project has a scene set on the street, you will need this sound effect to decorate it accurately.

17. Marimba Call 

The sound a marimba makes fun and soothing. If you want to employ it, download this sound effect from AudioJungle.

18. Clicky Button 

When you press Play on this sound effect, you'll hear the click of a button or a spark.

19. Laser Gun Shot 

Even though this effect is titled 'Laser Gun Shot' it has a myriad different uses in audiovisuals.

20. Calculation 

Listen to this sound effect, you'll identify the sound of a computer or another electronic device making calculations. 

White headphones on a white backgroundWhite headphones on a white backgroundWhite headphones on a white background

21. Spinning Noise 

Use this effect if audiovisuala require the sound of a spinning object coming to a sudden stop.

22. Light Speed Ship 

The whomp in this effect is reminiscent of the noise made by lightsabres in Star Wars.

23. Metallic Swoosh 

'Metallic Swoosh' is a sound effect of a metallic object passing by.

24. Blinky Button 

'Blinky Button' could be interpreted as the click of a button or a drop of water falling. An interesting sound effect.

25. Video Noise 

With 'Video Noise' you'll get the sound of white noise, a glitch or interference in a video.

26. Plastic Drop 

This royalty-free, professional sound effect is sharp, high-pitched and clean. Find a use for it in your projects.

27. Metallic Dragonfly 

If a metallic insect flew by flapping its metallic wings, this is the sound it would emit.

28. Piano Confirm 

In a video game, a sound effect such as this one could mean a positive reinforcement for the players.

29. Camera Single Shot 1 

Imagine the sound of a photo being taken, this is the sound effect that you hear.

30. Epic Hit 

Last but not least, let's end the list with a bang. With 'Epic Hit' you'll hear the sound of a big object making a splash.


Whether you're working on a video game, a movie or a podcast, sound effects are essential to convey the message, engage the audience or elevate the product. 

If you didn't find the professional sound effect you're looking for in this article, you may still search through AudioJungle's huge library of high quality sound effects.

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