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22 Royalty-Free Anime Sound Effects

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Anime is the incredibly popular Japanese animation that has been taking the world by storm for years now. It often deals with fantastical elements which makes its stories vibrant, fun and very entertaining. 

But just like anime has a very characteristic look and themes, it also has very characteristic sounds. That's why, if you have an anime project in the works, you should click through this post. 

In it, you'll find the best royalty-free anime sound effects available on AudioJungle.

1. Star Shine 

If you want an audience to hear the sound of a shiny object sparkling in the distance, this is the sound effect to do it with. 

2. Cartoon Dog Bark 

Dogs bark even in magical adventures. If you need your dog's bark to be voiced with a human voice, this is the track for you.

3. Robot Warp Explosion 

Robots and explosions are two important elements in anime. Guarantee they have a strong presence with the perfect sound effect.

4. Cartoon Voice Laugh 

Anime characters are often quirky and funny. Give yours a silly little laugh with the 'Cartoon Voice Laugh' effect.

5. Harp Glissando 

There will also be magical, tender, sweet moments in your anime projects. To convey them correctly, use 'Harp Glissando'

6. Cartoon Voice Wow 

In anime, there's always a surprise around every corner. If that's the case, help the characters be surprised. 

7. Aqua Pulse 

Does your anime project take place under water? If it does, it's probable that you'll need an effect like 'Aqua Pulse'

8. Cute Cartoon Sheep Baa 

Sheep make for great companions in certain adventures. If your animated project features a sheep, make it 'baa'

9. Cartoon Cow Moo Emotions 

If, on the other hand, your audiovisual endeavour features a sarcastic cow, here are the sound effects for it.

10. Background Destruction Noise Loop 

Animes are action-packed and epic. In all of that hectic-ness, something is bound to get destroyed, so make it sound like it. 

11. Cartoon Stretch 03 

This next sound effect is very dynamic. Listen to it and discover the multiple ways in which you could employ it. 

12. Cartoon Voice Yoopeee 

Anime characters can get excited. If you need them to say 'Yoopee', here are some options for it.

13. 8bit Jump 02 

If at some point, you need a second of a high-energy sound, make use of '8bit Jump 02'

14. Cartoon Malicious Laugh 

Villains are very much a part of anime storylines. Give your villain a malicious laugh with this royalty-free anime sound effect.

15. Cute Cartoon Sheep 

For a few more cute options to make your anime sheep say 'Baa', listen to the ones compiled in this pack.

16. Cartoon Mouse Squeak 

Sheep aren't the only animals allowed in anime. If you have a mouse in there, too, make it squeak.

17. Airy Transition 1 

A strong gust of wind signifies a number of things in anime. Here's 'Airy Transition 1' for when you need it. 

18. Dramatic Game Ability 4 

A character being teleported, suddenly appearing, or showing a lot of strength could use this sound effect.

19. Machinery Game Fail 01 

This sound effect fits in a variety of different scenarios and could signify whatever your imagination tells you to. 

20. Cartoon Sword 01 

Swords are often used in anime. If you want the ones in your project to have a strong presence, use this effect.

21. Cartoon Bleat 

Do you have the use for a variety of bleat cries in your multimedia projects? Then this is the pack for you.

22. Mecha Ability 

To finalise this list, prepare to be transported into another dimension with this royalty-free sound effect.


Half of the thrill of an anime project is in its sound effects. Without a magical swoosh or a thundering blast, the animation could fall flat. 

If you've been searching for the right royalty-free anime sound effects to fill in the silence, go through this post. 

Remember that there's a variety available on AudioJungle to fulfil your needs.

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